July 28-Happy birthday, Shayla!

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July 28th 2007
Published: November 30th -0001
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Trying to out-paddle the waterTrying to out-paddle the waterTrying to out-paddle the water

as it slowly sunk our vessel.
When I came up from below at 6 am to relieve Harry on watch, he noted that we’d be pulling into Neah Bay in about two hours. And naturally, he was right! That’s where we are right now - anchored in Neah Bay.

Shayla and I are both feeling more like ourselves since we took the patches off yesterday, and my appetite is slowly returning. (Hers only waned a little, owing entirely, I’m sure, to the fact that she’s growing like a weed and her body won’t accept nausea as an excuse to not contribute to this bountiful growth.)

We’re off the ocean now, and will spend the rest of the trip in the protected waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Puget Sound. This morning the Strait was jammed with fisher-peoples in boats smaller than you’d imagine. It was drizzling and foggy when we entered the Strait, and some of those fisher-peoples were in boats with no cover to protect them from the wind and the rains. We waved at most of them, and had to reel in our rod so as not to snag something un-food-like.

We’ve run into more boat maintenance issues (I feel we’ve reached our quota on these, and it’s clearly time for someone else to entertain the Boat Maintenance Elf.), this time concerning the pressure water pump. I believe it came on yesterday afternoon and since that one water tank was nearly empty, it kept pumping and running for about three hours. We couldn’t hear it over the sound of the engine. It way over-heated, and now when it runs it sounds like my grandfather when he’s got indigestion.

Today we’re going to pump up the kayaks, plus I’ll be making strawberry mousse and pondering the age of 11 and what it all means. We’ll stay here all day and night, and head out early. We’re going to see how far we can get tomorrow. It might be Crescent Bay or it might be Port Townsend.

At any rate, this trip has been great and I will never put another patch on. It seems to work like a charm for others, but not for me. I’ll stick with lavender oil.



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