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June 30th 2007
Published: June 30th 2007
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This is a crab pot buoy.This is a crab pot buoy.This is a crab pot buoy.

Can you even see it? We came across hundreds like this, with a black (!) buoy, just off Crescent City. Apparently, this harbor has the largest crab harvest on the west coast.
We had a hassle on this morning, waiting for the guy who runs the fuel dock to wake up and get over there to get us some diesel. We were both nervous about over-nighting it to Newport on the fuel we had. Problem is, the fuel dock was built for commercial fishing vessels. The top of the dock was about 15 feet above water level, which means we can't very easily tie up to it and fuel up. The fuel guy finally arrived, helped us tie up, then stood over our heads and chattered about all the people he's fueled up in the past, including Johnny Carson. Everybody has someone famous up their sleeve.

We left Crescent City by 9:30, enjoyed very quiet and calm wind and seas all day. We were very excited to cross the 42nd Parallel at about 1pm, moving from California into Oregon waters.

I cooked up a batch of super chili, and had much fun chopping and slicing with the entire galley on a tilt, first one way then the other then up then down. I have gotten very good at cooking in these conditions, and can't imagine having any fun at all
It's Oregon!It's Oregon!It's Oregon!

The coastline of Oregon is so different from California. It's gorgeous, isn't it?
with a kitchen and range that stays put.

We had a beautiful sunset and moonrise (the photos of these things never turn out very well), and the night watches were lovely. It never actually got entirely dark, because we had a full moon that didn't set before the sun rose. It was very strange, because I kept waiting for it to be inky black, and also super cold, and neither happened. It helped a lot that this night watch began with us already dry, whereas the earlier night watch we'd just battled the 40-knot winds for hours on end.

Tomorrow, Newport. We're both adjusting to the idea of being back home with the girls and the yard to mow and the dog to walk. Being out here is blissful when the weather is calm.


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Tippy chili.Tippy chili.
Tippy chili.

You'll notice the tilt of the stovetop. It's gimbaled, which means it flips and flops with the movement of the boat. Makes me nervous when things get too crazy.
Driving in the dark.Driving in the dark.
Driving in the dark.

I keep trying to turn on the high beams but nothing changes.

3rd July 2007

Wheww......back safe and sound
Your photographs have been beautiful. Thanks for sharing this adventure with us land lubbers. What a trip! Look forward to seeing you soon. mm.

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