Daniel Calugar Provides 5 Tips for Surviving a Long-Haul Flight

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March 19th 2021
Published: March 19th 2021
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Modern planes are capable of traveling further than ever before without the need to stop and refuel. While this makes it easier to travel the world, it also means that passengers can be stuck inside a plane for as many as 20 hours, which is rarely a fun prospect. Luckily, in this article, Daniel Calugar shares his experience and provides five tips that will help you survive long-haul flights.

Every frequent flyer has accumulated a host of tips and tricks for dealing with airports and airlines. Long-haul flights are something different entirely. Getting to the gate five minutes faster or smuggling on a too-big carry-on bag will not mitigate the deleterious effects of 10–20 hours in the air. Globetrotters agree, however, that these tips can make your next long flight fly by.

1. Be careful which airline you choose: Some of the best airlines for long-haul flights are Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and Air New Zealand. These airlines’ popularity stems from the fact they offer additional legroom, less congested cabins, and quality customer service. If these airlines don’t happen to serve your long-haul destination, check the travel sites for reviews about comfort and convenience. Even if it costs a little more, the right airline can make a world of difference for your trip.

2. Add a stopover if you can: When traveling for recreational purposes, you may have the flexibility to add a one or two-night stopover along the way to your final destination. This strategy will break the flight into more manageable segments and make the experience more pleasurable. Planning a stopover may not be possible when traveling for business, but even an hour or two to stretch your legs at a mid-point airport may be beneficial.

3. Travel in a westerly direction, if possible: Flying in a westerly direction usually causes less disruption from jet lag. Booking a round-the-world (RTW) ticket is one of the most convenient ways to travel. It may be less expensive than a standard fare for a faraway destination, and you have the flexibility to choose a route that brings you to your destination from the east. It makes including a stopover convenient and easy as well.

4. Mitigate the effects of jetlag: Drink water instead of alcohol, get up and move as often as you can, set your watch to align with the new destination before you take off, and try to stay awake until nightfall once you arrive. If you must sleep before the evening at your destination, take only a short nap to get you through until bedtime. These tips will help you combat the effects of jetlag.

5. Befriend the flight crew and your seatmates: Learning about people and their lives is an excellent way to pass away the hours. Most people are more than happy to talk about themselves. Everyone has an interesting story to tell. Asking open-ended questions can keep the conversation going. Who knows, you may make a new life-long friend. At the very least, you will be surprised at how much an exciting exchange can help time fly.

About Daniel Calugar

Dan Calugar is an experienced investor with a background in business, law, and computer science. As a tech enthusiast, he became interested in computer science early on and briefly pursued it before obtaining business and law degrees. Daniel Calugar developed a passion for finance while working as a pension lawyer. He leveraged his technical skills to build computer programs that would analyze vast amounts of data and explore trading strategies to identify more worthwhile investments, allowing him to succeed as an investor. When he is not working, Dan commits much of his time to travel with his life partner and family or supporting the Angel Flight Organization.


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