Wyndham Timeshare, Is it a good buy?

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August 9th 2020
Published: August 9th 2020
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Wyndham Resort is the largest hotel company in the world. With more than 7300 in the world; however, its reputation for a timeshare is not the best.

Vacations are a good opportunity to get out of the routine and to spend quality time with our loved ones, however, with difficult times economically speaking, it is increasingly difficult to find a place that fits our budget and needs. In the quest to find a cheaper way to travel, a timeshare can seem like an attractive vacation option.

Today, many resorts focus on selling timeshares, with Wyndham being one of the most prestigious. The company grew very fast in the late '90s and has approximately 7340 hotels around the world; Wyndham has become the largest hotel chain.

Wyndham at the timeshare

With more than 915,000 family owners, a Wyndham membership, also known as timeshare, is the largest vacation property business in the world. The entire system has 25,000 units in a network of 180 timeshare companies throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific. During presentations at Wyndham timeshare, you are offered points timeshare Wyndham vacationers, where the company uses a points-based system.

Exchange and


As a world leader in vacation timeshare memberships, Wyndham has a program called Exchange and Rentals, which has 3.7 million subscribing RCI members. Wyndham Exchange & Rentals aims to offer travelers a dream vacation. The company offers access to more than 100,000 units in almost 100 countries.

Complaints about Wyndham

Wyndham Resorts are absolutely gorgeous and modern; however, the company doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to timeshares, which isn't a surprise as they have an F rating on the BBB. Most of the complaints are about the lies and applied mornings, as well as insulting behavior on the part of the Wyndham timeshare salespeople. According to the BBB, they have a total of 1,475 complaints:

1. 1040 are about sales practices.

2. 128 on collection issues.

3. 3 of the problems with delivery.

4. 304 about product/service issues

A timeshare presentation at Wyndham is very tedious and extensive; people are often intimidated and pressured into buying a timeshare. The company has been sued several times in federal courts by many timeshare owners, for breach of contract, violation of the Timeshare Law, and breach of fiduciary duties, among others.

Another very common complaint is that maintenance and other fees increase so constantly, to the point that many homeowners cannot keep paying the fees. Many of them decide to stop paying, which is a big mistake since because of this they affect their credit history and are sent to the credit bureau.

How to get rid of a Wyndham timeshare

There are many solutions when you have a timeshare property and you no longer want to own it. Most people try to sell, but they find themselves at a dead-end after realizing that the resale market is not what it is claimed to be and sales are never made. Therefore, there is best way how to cancel a Wyndham timeshare.

Canceling a timeshare has many benefits, but most importantly, once your timeshare is canceled, you have no obligation related to the resort. At Timeshare Solutions, we help timeshare owners who feel they were scammed by the resort. Contact MTS and receive free consultation and advice.


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