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April 22nd 2019
Published: April 22nd 2019
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🎼🎼🎼Its Celebration Time!🎼🎼🎼So many celebrations mixed with a farewell to friends. A lot of busy times going on as of recent. Hope you have kept your alarm clocks set so you aren’t missing any of these events. Your absence is missed! Lulu does a head count at each gathering. She is always so joyful when she tallies that all are present. She is so helpful at times...at other times, not so much.

This past Friday, our testosterone side of our family arrived here in Kissimmee. Present are: our two sons, Cory & Tim and their sons, Shenen & Conner. They are staying in our beautiful timeshare condo at Cypress Harbour (near Seaworld). How wonderful to see them all again! On Saturday, Cory’s beautiful daughter, Rachael, flew into Orlando from Alabama. Three grandchildren out of nine are with us! It was a great celebration having them all here together. Hopefully, Rachael will help to keep some sanity to this ballyhoo. Yesterday, we had a double celebration at the condo. I prepared Easter dinner. It was so special sitting around the table all together. And we made sure there was plenty of room for all of you. I always say: “When you
Our sons & some grandsons Our sons & some grandsons Our sons & some grandsons

Tim, Conner, Shenen and Cory
have more than you need - build a bigger table.” I believe that everyone should be seated together even if the table has to be a mile long! Happy Easter! Besides Easter, we celebrated 3 birthdays: Cory (75) & Cory (51) had March birthdays, Shenen’s (18) was in April. We all belted out “Happy Birthday” to these special guys. Lulu chimed in with her melodious voice. Lovely. Lovely. Judy Mac would be proud. Today, we are celebrating one of other wonderful grandson’s birthday from afar. Happy Birthday, Ryan. We love you & miss you! Cory Fritz gave his father great presents which he was proud to display. The card Cory gives is always unique and funny....this card kept up its tradition. Not sure if Tim finds it as funny as the rest of us do. If he doesn’t, he suffers in silence. Fortunately, the weatherman has provided them with a week of sunshine. It will be a busy and festive week.

Last week, we had to bid farewell to our friends, Linda & Dave. Several other friends also gathered to wish them well with their travels. Remember Dave? The guy who I have called King? The one who turns
Rachael, Cory & Shenen Rachael, Cory & Shenen Rachael, Cory & Shenen

Shenen, Cory & Rachael
himself inside out to help everyone in this park. Well, he and Linda have done it again! Are we surprised? Not with them! Other friends, Bill & Carolyn, have gone through a health issue so Dave volunteered to haul their trailer with their golf cart & car attached with his motor home. They hauled it all the way to Virginia to Carolyn & Bill’s home. Wow! You both are awesome! After the drop off, they would continue their journey home to New Brunswick. Safe travels! See you in several months!

Before leaving our park, Dave’s friendship job was still not done. He drove another friend’s, Joe, RV from the campground’s compound and set it up on a site for Joe & his family’s arrival. How do you measure all this kindness? All I know is it’s beyond words. Praises to the King & Queen!

Speaking of a king and queen....Sam & Sandy celebrated their 59th anniversary on April 16th. Congratulations! Marvelous! Fantastic! Wonderful! WOW! We accompanied them to the Cheesecake Factory restaurant at the Millennium Mall in Orlando. The meal was delicious topped off by Sam’s hot fudge sundae. Eat up, fellow! When the waitstaff learned how many
Easter Dinner Easter Dinner Easter Dinner

Birthday Cake
years they have been married....their responses were: Really? WOW! Kind of like they have never heard of a couple being together for so many years. They do deserve golden crowns and applause. Clap, everyone! Lulu is sad....she can’t clap....you know why (no hands). Instead she sings at the top of her voice: 🎼🎼🎼Through the Years🎼🎼🎼by Kenny Rogers.

While at the mall, Cory and I wandered to the Apple store to have one of my multiple questions answered. OMG! As I explained my question, I also remarked (as I have done on may occasions in various stores) that I’m so disappointed that Apple won’t make the IPad Mini anymore. The sales people all agree it is a sad and bad situation. The mini is what I have and I love, love it! Hold me back, control me, what are my ears hearing? I’m going into shock.......the salesperson says they just made the IPad Mini 5th generation and they have it for sale!!! Be still my heart! Oh, bladder, please control my bodily function. Hold me up, Cory....I’m shaking. Take me to it....PLEASE! Yes, Yes, Yes. I see this treasured gem. It’s glowing like Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond ring! I’m glued to it. I can’t put it down. I have to have it! Thank you so very much for my early birthday present, Cory. You are the best! I love you with all my heart and soul. My dream come true...you and this IPad. Lulu had tears in her eyes she’s so happy for me. Plus she knows with the new IPad camera, her photos will be the ultimate. She will be glamorous in every shot. I now have 256 GB’s. I can stuff this IPad with everything and anything. I’m loaded. It came with a special pencil. The salesman briefly instructed me about how to use it. I have an appointment on May 5th at the store to attend a class about my new IPad .....I already have 27 questions ready to ask. Thank you, Apple, for listening to all of us whiners! You heard us! And responded! Hooray!

We had one more place to visit on this festive day. Our son, Tim, requested we get movie tickets for the 4 guys to see The Avengers. Ok...No big deal-we can make this purchase ....wrong! Almost all tickets ordered on-line were sold out at all theaters! Whaaaaat! Well, eventually, we found
Birthday gifts from our son, Cory Birthday gifts from our son, Cory Birthday gifts from our son, Cory

Love the card as well as all the other gifts
4 together at a Cinemark theater on International Drive....on Thursday, April 25th. Only problem: they are for 10:45 PM and in the 2nd row. Luckily, they have the lounger seats so maybe they can lie way back and see the movie okay. They are happy so we guess that is what counts. So, Sam & Sandy and us went to the Cinemark theater to pick up the tickets we had ordered and bought. Using my new IPad, I tried bringing up the receipt information and everything else I had referring to these tickets. Oh, God....none of it worked! Things were still loading into my new IPad. Rats! Finally, after the manager and two wonderful employees worked diligently to help us, we were able to pull up the needed information and retrieve the tickets. What an experience. We needed to be super heroes to accomplish this simple task!

The other day, I mentioned to Cory that our entrance steps to the RV didn’t seem right. He hates it when I discover something wrong with the RV...I do, too! Remember, we don’t have our levelers down at present. He put a support brace under our steps and they were jammed tight under them. Where, oh, where was Dave? Gone, baby, gone! Cory worked diligently on this brace. He had to drill the wood into pieces to get everything dislodged. Sam came over and offered the idea of a fulcrum when the final step was needed. Guess who they got to stand on the fulcrum....go ahead...guess. Yes, —- Sandy. NO....not light weight Sandy...ME! The big kahuna ...... ME! And it worked! Yay, Sam. Lulu volunteered (bless her missing heart) but her head just wouldn’t do the trick....even though I have said she is getting almost too heavy to lug around. Please, don’t tell her!

I know I should never complain about the weather down here after the cold, cold winter experienced by our family and friends in the North. ——BUT....it gets too toasty sometimes. How do the full timers survive this? I guess air conditioning is the answer. It is way too much for us and we love hot weather....just not this hot! This is like a living hell! We are here until May 13th when we will be moving onto Red Bay, Alabama.....I’m sure it will be hot there, too. Just hope no tornados come when we are there! Lulu is nervous already. Breath deeply, Lu!

Sam & Sandy and Cory & me took a day to return to one of our best restaurants: The Catfish Place in St. Cloud. Their catfish is great but their fried shrimp is even better. The best of all restaurants. Of course, I ordered the big one: 1/2 pound of shrimp (12). God help me! I managed to get 7 down but 5 went home with me. They are huge! But, oh, so delicious. I’ll be more careful the next time and order the lunch size of 6 shrimp. Yum, yum...smack!

Our good time together continues. Don’t start packing up yet. We have more to celebrate and truly, want you to join us!

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Happy 59th Anniversary, Sandy & Sam!Happy 59th Anniversary, Sandy & Sam!
Happy 59th Anniversary, Sandy & Sam!

Sam loves hot fudge sundaes!
Getting my new Ipad: Glory Day! Getting my new Ipad: Glory Day!
Getting my new Ipad: Glory Day!

These 3 movie theater people are wonderful!

27th April 2019

Thank you for accepting us to your blog writing
Hi Sandy, I am so enjoying reading your blog. If you don't remember me, we met the night of the Rhode Island hot dog and coffee milk party. We are from New Brunswick and we're staying at TP with Cheryl and Marc. happy and safe travels as you move to your summer destination . Darlene and David Lambert
27th April 2019

Of course, we remember you and Dave. You were so friendly and gracious. Wish we had met you earlier in the season but hopefully we will see you next year. Glad you like the blog. Have a sensational summer!

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