Day 11: At Sea on the Pacific

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October 7th 2018
Published: October 8th 2018
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Sailing the Pacific Ocean

Sunday, October 7

We noticed "motion sickness bags" atop all the refuse cans by each elevator prior to retiring for the night last night. Oh joy another rocking night. Actually, wasn't that bad.

Today we are at sea all day, and the Captain has warned us of high seas - not too bad only a little sway here and there - I'm thinking my land legs and equilibrium may be a little off when we disembark tomorrow morning. We shall see.

Not a lot going on today.

We got a late start to the morning, and managed to meet up with Lee & Perry on the Terrace for breakfast. Lee looked great and just a little achy (to be expected). So, I have to share an observation at this point. While gathering food this morning, a woman of a certain size and age (meaning she should know better) pushed her way in front of me to get to the chocolate croissants as there were only four left (I was NOT interested in them whatsoever). I DID, however, see Perry - and if you know Perry - DO NOT come between him and anything chocolate, particularly in a croissant. I was certain he would want one, so I kind of body blocked the woman. Perry got his croissant and the woman took the remaining three. THREE. She happened to be at the table behind us....oh THIS is going to be interesting. So, I look at her and her husbands plates...not only did she have 3 of the aforementioned croissants, there were three sticky buns, a PILE of potatoes and two over easy eggs (cooked so that the yolk was hard as a rock) does that mean over hard? I don't know and couldn't care less. Between the two of these people there was enough food to last a week. Gluttons. ABSOLUTE. GLUTTONS. happened. I swear to you everything I'm writing is the absolute truth. She took her chocolate croissants one by one, peeled all the flaky pastry off and piled it onto her bread plate, then pulled out the remaining "chocolate log" and stuffed the log into her mouth. If I'm lying, I'm dying. I I was dumbfounded. Speechless. Had a look on my face....and HAD to bring everyone at our table in on the spectacle. I have witnesses. I guess the chocolates left on her bed aren't enough to satisfy her needs. Not my monkey, not my circus!

At that point it was time to go. Oh, and yes - she and her husband were still eating after we left the Terrace. YIKES.

Christopher and I decided to play a few games of rummykub before we have to leave it behind so we went to Horizons and set up the game. We played for a few hours and had a blast. Then it was time for lunch - because why not? It had been at least three hours since our last meal. 2 Danish spiced spareribs, 3 pieces of shrimp curry over jasmine rice and that's enough. I was, however, thinking about a beer...because, well, ribs and beer...right? We get to the table and Christopher has the exact meal as I do down to the same number, and exclaims - "I think I want a beer"- after a good laugh, we order a Guinness. Feeling like a ton of bricks (beer does that to me) and since the Terrace is closing (so it must be 2pm) Waves for an ice cream (even though I shouldn't...but I DID). Christopher got a milk shake - he was so disappointed - felt it was more milk with a little ice cream rather than a "shake". Off to read.

OK....another observation. Gentlemen, a kind note...if your hair is thin and whispy, and you are "balding" on top (I'm being kind here) you SHOULD NOT wear your hair below your chins (yes...I DO MEAN CHINS) nor in a ponytail. This has been a public service announcement. Those around you appreciate your attention in this matter....and I'm about to get some scissors.

My head starts to pound...was it the ice cream, beer or a combination? WHo knows! Back to the room and try to rest - to no avail so I'm writing. This is our last full day and it makes me sad. We've had such a wonderful time with so many wonderful friends on this journey. The highlight remains the Glacier - but the real highlight has been the opportunity to travel with the people who mean the most to me. It has been my pleasure and honor to travel with you once again.

Tonight we are dining in Toscana - going out in style. I may or may not check in tomorrow for an after cruise story or two, but if I don't... Thank you all who have read this and shared this blog. I love the writing and hope you've enjoyed following us on this most wonderful journey.

Until next time.



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