Day three

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June 6th 2018
Published: June 12th 2018
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Sooo last night it was pretty quiet still lots of laughs but more emotional got me. In starting to get home stick. Missing my friends and pets. Little bit over a week still then I’ll be back home!!!!!
To start off the trip Laila asked “Are we in the desert?” My dad replied with “yes we are.” After a little time past Laila ask once again “where are the cactus?” Once again dad said “there out there.” Once again a little time passed and Laila asked Once again “where are the camels and pyramids?” This time mom replied with “Laila it’s not that kinda desert.” Everyone was cracking up for a while.On our way to Vegas we stop at a super nice gas station and mike got a grumpy cat blanket that I am extremely jealous of....
We have made it to Las Vegas!!!!! Makes me think of Elvis Presley’s!!!!!! Just while driving in to Vegas I was amazed by all of the buildings and people. Just the aratecture was absolutely fabulous!!!!! I can’t wait to go back some day!!!!
The camp ground was beautiful as well. It had two pools, a hot tub, water fall and even a gift shop!!!!! I’m glad we get to stay for 2 nights!!!!
That night we went swimming the water was salt water.
The night ended with some ham burgers and hotdogs!!! They where gooooood!!!


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