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March 8th 2018
Published: March 8th 2018
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If you’ve decided to brave it and go camping, in the woods, without a camper, RV, or cabin, hats off to you! That means you’re ready to sleep in a tent, become one with nature, and likely cook your food over an open flame. There really is nothing quite like being in the outdoors, unplugged from technology. Stories surround the campfire, cooking is done together, and adventures through the woods are commonplace.

But if you want to have a successful camping adventure, there are some necessities you’ll need. Sleeping in the woods is no joke and requires some basic items that will help keep you safe, warm, and ensure that you have a memorable experience. One that you’ll want to repeat in the future!

Tent Supplies

Pitching a tent isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s best done with a few people and you’ll need several supplies besides the tent itself. These additional items include poles, stakes, tie downs, and tarps. Choosing the tent itself is another big decision. If you play to backpack, you’ll want a lighter tent. Other tents are heavier and more sturdy and can fit a lot more people. So choosing the right tent is really based on your needs and the type of trip you’re planning.

Once you’ve selected your tent, you’ll also need a footprint, which is the ground cloth placed under your tent to help keep water out. Footprints also help to prevent sharp rocks and other debris from tearing your tent. The other items mentioned above like the stakes and tie downs are what will help your tent stay securely in place.

Sleeping Supplies

Of course, you’ll be sleeping in your tent, but what about what you’ll be sleeping on? Sleeping bags and sleeping pads are the most basic and commonly used bedding for tent camping. If you have a bad back or are worried about the hard ground, you can invest in an air mattress, though many pads inflate slightly and offer quite a bit of cushion beneath your sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag itself can offer quite a bit of comfort and protection against the elements. Just like tents, they come in a variety of styles, thickness, and are designed for different types of weather. You can always bring along some extra blankets for comfort and warmth and of course, you’ll want pillows!

Cooking Supplies

Of course, food is always a big part of the camping experience, and I’m not talking about smores, though those are a camping staple as well! But if you plan to cook over the fire, you’ll need some necessary equipment. Camping mess kits are perfect for this. Equipped with items like utensils, bowls, and plates, it houses everything a camper needs to eat. You’ll want to bring along some additional cooking materials though, like serving and stirring spoons, tongs, a spatula, a griddle, and some pots and pans. You can boil water over the fire in a pot, cook meat and even bake potatoes. Hot dogs and sausages can be cooked using a stick or skewer. You can also purchase a small propane grill for cooking.

Other Necessities

So, aside from what you need to eat and sleep, there are some other camping essentials that you’ll be thankful you brought.

A first aid kit is a must. Anytime you are traveling away from civilization and there’s risk of injury, you want to be prepared. You may need to bring along a small hatchet or ax as well. This will be used for cutting down firewood and clearing paths in the woods. Lanterns or flashlights will help provide light and a sturdy pair of boots is a campers best friend. You may also want to invest in paper maps for the local area and any trails you plan to hike.

Enjoy the Experience

Camping is all about the experience. Half the fun is setting up camp, collecting firewood, cooking, and telling stories around the campfire. You need some essentials to ensure you have a safe experience, but the options for fun are endless!


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