How Can Your Child Benefit from Martial Arts?

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October 4th 2017
Published: October 4th 2017
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There are many benefits to knowing self-defense. Some of them may be obvious- being able to defend yourself in a dangerous situation, for instance. But this knowledge can also come with positive effects such as confidence, balance, and etc. With practice and time, you’ll start to notice changes in yourself- both mental and physical.


Self-defense classes will train your reflexes and reactions to being attacked, which will in turn make you more aware of your surroundings at all times. No, you won’t be constantly preparing for an attack. But self-defense knowledge keeps you ready for the rare dangerous situation, in which you could be approached from any direction.

Self Confidence and Respect

Without any knowledge of self-defense techniques or how to apply them, you may feel helpless against any potentially dangerous situations. Maybe you’ve personally experienced one of these situations, or just watching the news has you feeling unsafe and defeated. “Self-defense classes will give you a powerful “warrior spirit” that’s built on confidence and new-found knowledge. You’ll no longer feel powerless, and you’ll become better prepared” says Master Joseph, 7th degree black belt from Austin Kung Fu Center. In these classes, respect is also key, as you practice with a partner and learn from one another. Your desire to achieve and improve will be matched by theirs, and create a sense of mutual and self-respect.


As mentioned above, maybe you feel helpless against any kind of attack. By going to self-defense classes, you can start to do something about that. And self-defense classes are for anyone- men, women, and children can all benefit greatly from learning how to protect themselves. And once you’ve been taking classes for a while, you’ll find yourself setting small goals throughout. Mastering a specific move, having a quicker reaction time, etc.


It’s tricky to master balance in any activity, and self-defense is particularly demanding. You’ll get a better handle on your stability over time, and gradually be able to spin around to fight off an attack without stumbling.

Dedication and Determination

To develop a fast reaction-time to any attack, and to keep your mind sharp in dangerous situations, you’ll have to dedicate a lot of time and focus to learning self-defense techniques. You want to practice often enough that your counterattack is second-nature, and to do that, you have to continuously attend class, and give it your all. This hard work will be extremely satisfying once you realize that you’ve become more confident and accomplished.


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