Published: June 4th 2006
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Just incase anyone is planning to do a similar drive to this, remember the drive from Grand Canyon to Yellowstone Park IS NOT 12hrs, its about 16 with the time change!!! SOo we left around 8 am and didn't arrive till 1am in the morning!! After a flat tire, and 16 hrs in the car we were ready to just relax today. Slept in and headed to see the Old Faithful Geiyser. We saw so many buffalo and a few deer, a couple foxes and a coyote. We made it back to our campsite, and it rained for about 4 hrs, so we just watched a movie in the tent and ventured into West Yellowstone for supper. And now we are parked in a best western parking lot, stealing there internet!! Sooo another long drive tomorrow hopefully 12hrs for real this time, and then we are home sweet home!!! Its been fun, lots of laughs, a few fights, and tons of fun!! Thanks for all the comments and we will see you all soon!
Katie and Jordan

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4th June 2006

Thank Goodness You're OK
I've been worried about you guys as the last posting I had from you was Disneyland and the last phone call was when you arrived in Vegas in such 'high' spirits Katie - I have now read all your entries since Vegas and discovered that you are still alive and Jordan has not, in fact, thrown you into the Grand Canyon, although I am sure he was tempted at times. So you can disregard the rather 'worried' message I left you on your cell phone and call me when you have a minute. Glad everything seems to be OK (for now) and that you seem to have had a really good time despite all the unforseen moments of despair. It stands to reason that things wouldn't be idyllic all the time - even the bestest of friends would get on each others' nerves spending 24/7 together and trying to keep the schedule that you guys set. Well done - you packed a lot into a short time. Will look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures when you get back - love and hugs, Momxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PS: Katie your dad is waiting to 'here' all your news too - I think he actually would prefer to "hear" it though!

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