Day:8 Mile:1950 Yellowstone N.P.

Published: August 14th 2009
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1: Snow 27 secs

avalanche peak
Decided to go on a longer/harder hike on the eastern side of Yellowstone today. Avalanche Peak Trail climbs 2150 feet in 2 miles to the summit at 10,566 feet. The views of the surrounding mountains were fantastic. Saw a lot of mountain wildflowers and butterflies, but more importantly I found what I was really searching for, SNOW! I don’t know why but I got the biggest kick out of seeing snow in August. So what did I decide to do? Make a snow angel of course! I think the vid turned out nicely. After I found the snow I continued up a few more hundred meters to the summit. It was a difficult climb, took nearly 3 hours to get up there, but well worth it. You get a real sense of accomplishment at the top, plus some b..e..a..utiful scenery.
After Avalanche Peak I came back to the tent, took a nap, then did another short easy hike near Yellowstone Lake.
All in all a very tiring but very rewarding day. Tomorrow I head to Grand Teton National Park and continue the journey west.


Lesson of the day: You can see every amazing place in the world,

mountain wildflowers
but it doesn’t mean anything unless your at peace with the people that mean the most to you.

Additional photos below
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above 10,000 feet

top the the peak

top of the peak

yellowstone lake

19th August 2009

Video is a nice addition. Didn't appreciate the snowball very much though.

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