Yellowstone Wildlife

Published: June 7th 2019
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Spring in Yellowstone and all the animals are tending to their newborns. If the past 5 days we have seen herds of Bison and Elk, a couple of Grizzly bears, a litter of coyote cubs, and a mother and young Prong-horn deer.

We brought our bikes to Yellowstone but there is a distinct lack of bike trails so we have only ventured out twice in 5 days. On the first day we biked from Gardiner to Mammoth Hot Springs along the Old Gardiner Road. Not far from the park gate we encountered a 3 female Elk on the side of the road. On the other side of the road were a collection of Elk calves. As it is never a good idea to get between a mother and her offspring, we waited patiently for the 3 females to cross the road and join their young. We were too surprised to take pictures. As we approached Mammoth, there was a closed trail sign. With only 100m to go and with the diversion down a trail too steep to navigate with the bike, we decided to ignore the sign and was accosted by a park ranger when we got to the other

By the river
side. He explained that a female elk had charged a couple of hikers earlier that day, but was very nice and we chatted for a few minutes.

On a small bike ride from Old Faithful we had to negotiate a small herd of bison. Sandy was a little apprehensive but followed closely behind as the Bison ignored our trespass.

The grizzly bears were in a meadow beside some road works and the traffic controllers would not allow anyone to stop so the pictures are taken from a moving car as we inched our way past.

When the park came into being the army was given the job of managing Yellowstone. They promptly exterminated all of the wolves until Roosevelt intervened. We have yet to see a descendant of the Canadian wolves transplanted from Alberta and BC about 20 years ago, but we are told the relocation program has been a success.


Additional photos below
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By the road
Biking in YellowstoneBiking in Yellowstone
Biking in Yellowstone

Sandy was a little apprehensive biking through a herd of Bison

A pair of grizzly bears grazing
Coyote cubCoyote cub
Coyote cub

There were 3 sunning themselves outside the den
Bison calvesBison calves
Bison calves

Playing next to mom
Pronghorn DeerPronghorn Deer
Pronghorn Deer

Pronghorn deerPronghorn deer
Pronghorn deer

The landscape is stunning
Elk calfElk calf
Elk calf

In the garden of our VRBO

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