Day 4-Tuesday, May 16, 2017-Cody,WY to West Yellowstone,MT

Published: May 17th 2017
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Woke up early at 5:45 a.m. as my body clock hasn't caught up to the 2 hrs we've gained over past several days. 42degs with full sun. Plan was to meet at Old Trail Town at the edge of Cody and tour the museum before leaving for Yellowstone. The Ponderosa Campground where we stayed in Cody was a gem, with a helpful & friendly staff who told us all about Cody & things we could see. We unhooked the electric and Tom & I stopped on the way out of the campground to fill our water tanks before heading to the local gas station to fill up on propane in case we have to "hunker" down if the 6 to 10" snow alert comes to pass. We met up with Al & Sue at Old Trail Town, a museum that commemorates the traditions of Western life. The museum consists of 27 buildings, which date from 1879 to 1901, an extensive collection of memorabilia from the Wyoming frontier and authentic Indian artifacts. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so, I attached several...I was going to put a name under each photo to describe what you're seeing but opted to leave the # assigned by my computer since, as usual it's late and I'd be up all night trying to title each picture...sorry. Jeremiah Johnston is buried on the museum grounds with a statue in his honor. He was famous in his life on his own, but his exploits became more well known after Robert Redford played him in the movie of the same name. And all this time, I thought "Jeremiah was a bullfrog". Buffalo Bill Cody's grandson is also buried there. Enjoy the photos.

Cody is about 50 miles east of Yellowstone and we headed out between the mountains shown in the last photo of Old Trail Town toward the east entrance to Yellowstone. We past between the mountains and unbelievable vistas of snow capped mountains, valleys, & rivers opened up. Once again my endorphins started to kick in at the views which opened up with each twist and turn in the roadway. We stopped to fill up on gas at Fishing never know when you'll hit a 100 mile stretch of travel in the west without a gas station so, we fill up every chance we get. We stopped at Lake Village in the Park for lunch in the Yellowstone Lodge, a portion of which was built in 1891. We moved on to Old Faithful and visited its famous geyser & Lodge. The Old Faithful Geyser was due to put on a show in 30 minutes, so we decided to wait and view. After several weak spurts, Old Faithful spewed forth in all its tell the truth, I was "underwhelmed." Lots of bison & buffalo (difference? tell me) roaming free in the Park including in the roadway. We also saw 3 bighorn sheep.

From Old Faithful we headed the last 30 miles of travel for the day toward the Grizzly RV Park, in West Yellowstone, MT. We arrived around 5:00pm and after hooking up the RV we joined Ray & Sandy for cocktails. Tomorrow, we're all (10) going on a guided tour of Yellowstone in a hired van, and we finally get to use some of the winter clothing we brought with us, as even if it doesn't snow tomorrow the forecasted low temperature in the morning is 37 deg

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