2012 Yellowstone Trip - Day 4

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September 16th 2012
Published: September 17th 2012
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Cheyenne WY 1Cheyenne WY 1Cheyenne WY 1

Downtown Cheyenne. Mama touching her toes at the Senior Olympics.
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Day 4 - Tuesday Aug 21st,2012

After checking out of the hotel, we decided to look around Cheyenne. Since Cheyenne is the state capital of Wyoming, I thought the town would be a lot bigger. I was surprised to see the population was only about 60,000.

We drove to downtown Cheyenne. They had a park area where they hold events. There was a banner over the entrance reading “Wyoming Senior Olympics” . We had to take mama’s picture there. While there we looked around in the visitor center and the train museum gift shop. As we were walking back to the car, mama saw a homeless man she wanted to give some money too. I wouldn’t let her because there were other homeless people out on the street and I told her it was too dangerous to be pulling money out of her purse. When we got back to the car she still wanted to give him some money. I told her ok however, I would drive her around to where he was but she had to leave her purse and everything in the car. I pulled the
Cheyenne WY 2Cheyenne WY 2Cheyenne WY 2

Downtown Cheyenne
car around to the area where he was located. Mama walked up to him and gave him some money and told him Jesus loved him. His reply was he wanted to kill his niece because she wouldn’t loan him a camera to take a picture. He rolled up his shirt sleeve to show her he had a tattoo of Jesus.

We drove down to the state capital and looked around there for a little while. It was nice inside but I still like the Texas state capital best. As we were walking back to the car, we passed the Wyoming Supreme Court building. I was curious to see inside so I walked up, looked in the door, then turned and started walking off. As we were walking off a state trooper came out and called out to mama and I and told us we could come in and look around if we wanted too. We went in and looked around some. We couldn’t go down one hallway because court was in session. No cameras were allowed inside the building. We were talking to the 2 state troopers inside and mama found out she and 1 of the troopers knew
Cheyenne WY 3Cheyenne WY 3Cheyenne WY 3

Downtown Cheyenne
some of the same people. Mama knows somebody no matter where she goes!!

Cheyenne has statues of big boots all over the town with pictures of Wyoming’s history on them. One had all the Wyoming governors’ signatures and the date they served.

We left Cheyenne and headed toward Laramie on the Lincoln Highway. I had never heard of the Lincoln Highway. From the points of interest we stopped at along the road, I found out this was the first trans-continental highway in America. It was established in 1913 and runs from New York to San Francisco. The Lincoln Highway is older than Route 66. I think it would be an interesting trip sometime in the future to travel the whole length of the Lincoln Highway.

Once we reached Laramie, we drove around downtown just to see the town. Mama wanted to go into an antique store so we went in and just looked around. We left Laramie, drove to Rawlins, and then headed to Lander Wyoming where we spent the night. Again, we had trouble finding a hotel vacancy even though we started looking at about 5. I was really surprise. I thought with all the talk
Cheyenne WY 4Cheyenne WY 4Cheyenne WY 4

Downtown Cheyenne
on the news of people being out of work and everyone staying home we would have no problems. Tomorrow we will be in Yellowstone and we have reservations for there.

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Cheyenne WY 5Cheyenne WY 5
Cheyenne WY 5

Downtown Cheyenne
Cheyenne WY 6Cheyenne WY 6
Cheyenne WY 6

Downtown Cheyenne
Cheyenne WY 7Cheyenne WY 7
Cheyenne WY 7

Downtown Cheyenne
Cheyenne WY 8Cheyenne WY 8
Cheyenne WY 8

Downtown Cheyenne
Cheyenne WY 9Cheyenne WY 9
Cheyenne WY 9

Downtown Cheyenne
Cheyenne WY 10Cheyenne WY 10
Cheyenne WY 10

Downtown Cheyenne. Horse made out of medal nuts, bolts and cogs.
Cheyenne WY 11Cheyenne WY 11
Cheyenne WY 11

Liscense plate on horses backend. Close of items used to create the horse.
Cheyenne WY 12Cheyenne WY 12
Cheyenne WY 12

Wyoming State Capital building
Cheyenne WY 13Cheyenne WY 13
Cheyenne WY 13

Inside the capitol building
Cheyenne WY 14Cheyenne WY 14
Cheyenne WY 14

Looking up at the dome inside the capitol building.
Cheyenne WY 15Cheyenne WY 15
Cheyenne WY 15

Inside the capitol building
Cheyenne WY 16Cheyenne WY 16
Cheyenne WY 16

Inside the capitol building
Cheyenne WY 17Cheyenne WY 17
Cheyenne WY 17

Inside the capitol building
Cheyenne WY 18Cheyenne WY 18
Cheyenne WY 18

Inside the capitol building
Cheyenne WY 19Cheyenne WY 19
Cheyenne WY 19

Wyoming Supreme Court Building
Lincoln Highway 20Lincoln Highway 20
Lincoln Highway 20

Tree Rock point of interest on the Lincoln Highway between Cheyenne and Laramie
Lincoln Highway 21Lincoln Highway 21
Lincoln Highway 21

Tree Rock - see information in previous picture. Located between Cheyenne and Laramie WY

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