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August 5th 2012
Published: August 5th 2012
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Sadly, my time in London has come to an end. I arrived back in the United States yesterday afternoon and already miss the hustle and bustle of the city.

Naturally, I arrived at the airport six hours early (12:20 flight), so I had plenty of time to get to know Heathrow airport. I had a delicious sit-down breakfast, shopped, and played my with iPad for quite some time. Everyone who helped at the airport commented on my punctualicty. Although one commented on the amount of luggage I had (what's it to him? I had to pay 45 pounds to check it; if anything I was giving him money).

The flight was relatively smooth and interesting. I sat next to a young girl about eight years old who commented, "We talk Polish." She was traveling with her uncle and seemed to know everything about flying on an airplane. "No, I don't fill out that form. Just the other one." It was quite an experience chantting with her.

Despite my conversations with the young girl, I had plenty of time to reflect and think about my summer. It's unreal to me that I lived in a foreign country for eight weeks of my life. I don't know how I did it. With the Olympics, internship, and peculiar living quarters, it was a challenge, but I rose to the occasion. It was bittersweet to leave that fabulous city, but now I feel like my life has truly started. Never have I ever traveled alone, worked at an internship, and lived in a foreign country. Adulthood is finally beginning.

Now I get to go back to school and reabsorb American culture--fast food, beer, baseball, you name it. I missed America, but now I see things in a different light. Everyone is different, yet somehow, we're all the same. Brits say "cheers," while we say, "thank you." It's all the same, but different. People are unique, and I definitely learned that this summer.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope to update it with future travels (Europe in two years) and possibly Guatamela and/or India this coming year for volunteer trips. It's been great to write about my experiences and share my adventures. I hope you enjoyed reading them!

K x


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