The rainy season and it's Outstanding!

Published: June 5th 2012
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As we continue to consider packing we realized that it is the end of the rainy season in China right now and so it is likely that we will be caught in some rainy conditions. The good news is that it is not generally a cold rain, so it will still be warm, but it can be very wet at times. I told G to think of it as a big warterpark 😊 We are now thinking seriously about footwear. What will dry quickly and should we carry in our day packs an extra set of socks and shoes? We will always have our rain jackets with us and small umbrellas. We are hoping for good weather but as a family have decided that we will not be complainers and if it rains- well so be it!

We have come up with a slogan for the trip-"Outstanding!" Anytime we talk about how excited we are, or nervous or even do a bit of complaining- one of us just says, "remember, it's outstanding!" And so the other day I made anoff handed comment about the long flight that I am not looking forward to and G said, "remember mom, it will be Outstanding!" Hahaha Ok, point taken!

This weekend we will get together with one of the other families who is going on the trip with us and we will share packing tips and ideas- the more minds the better! We are also planning an early Father's Day celebration for B and my dad.

Getting closer to departure! Next blog entry may be from China, unless I decide to put up one more right before we leave. K


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