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North America » United States » Wisconsin » Middleton December 17th 2012

This is just a test as I re-learn how to write off line, and publish on the Blog later. Cindy... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Middleton December 17th 2012

Bruce and I are off to Ft. Lauderdale on January 2nd and will be joined by our daughter, Elizabeth, Husband Frank, and four year old Cameron for a couple of days before we leave port on January 5th for our World Cruise. We will be seeing some familiar ports as well as many new ones. It is about two weeks and we are getting many little details taken care of before we start to pack. Our bags will be picked up on Dec. 28 and we should be all ready by then. It is exciting to be on the Amsterdam again and see some "old" friends. I will try to write when we are at sea after a port, but sometimes it is hard to find time to write and get the test on the blog ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Middleton June 13th 2012

This should be my last entry from the USA! Next entry will come from China. We are packed and ready to go. G is very excited, she has gathered her favorite stuffed animals for the trip and has counted her money multiple times. B, as he does so well, has obsessed over the details and I have been trying to just get things done and cross them off my list. Tomorrow I clean the house because we do not want to come home to a messy house after many days of travel. G and I both got our hair cut today and I went shorter than I usually do (I'm at chin level) and G went about shoulder length with her hair. I also will finish the pre-trip work on our journals, some questions for G ... read more
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North America » United States » Wisconsin » Middleton June 5th 2012

As we continue to consider packing we realized that it is the end of the rainy season in China right now and so it is likely that we will be caught in some rainy conditions. The good news is that it is not generally a cold rain, so it will still be warm, but it can be very wet at times. I told G to think of it as a big warterpark :) We are now thinking seriously about footwear. What will dry quickly and should we carry in our day packs an extra set of socks and shoes? We will always have our rain jackets with us and small umbrellas. We are hoping for good weather but as a family have decided that we will not be complainers and if it rains- well so be ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Middleton May 30th 2012

We are getting ready for the big trip. There are many tasks to complete before we leave. We have discussed suitcases, carry-ons, books and other entertainment for the long plan rides, and gifts, gifts, gifts! It seems that we will be taking plenty of gifts along with us such as candies, lotion, and other fun things to share with the people we meet in China. We think we have everything we need purchased for the trip and now our attention turns to packing. How do you pack for a long trip and keep every suitcase under 45 pounds? We are trying to pack only what is needed and hoping that we can wash clothes on our trip. I just keep thinking that I will pack as best I can and well whatever I forget, I guess ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Middleton February 19th 2012

Bruce and I are taking another cruise. This time we head for the Mediterranean from Ft. Lauderdale, making several stops before entering the Black Sea. After visiting Odessa,Ukraine, we return to the Med. stopping at several other ports before returning to Ft. Lauderdale. We sail on the Prinsindam on March 12 and return to Middleton on May 14. I will write a blog from time to time so if you are interested, you are welcome to sign in and read what we are seeing and doing. We are going to Florida a few days ahead of time to visit some friends and, more importantly, see our daughter and grandson who will join us before we sail.... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Middleton December 20th 2009

Here we go again! We've decided to take another long cruise. This time we'll go through the Panama Canal,around South America to Antartica, then, after Rio, down the Amazon River to Manaus before returning to Ft. Lauderdale. We leave January 13th on the Prinsendam from Ft. Lauderdale. Because Wisconsin weather is rather unpredictable this time of year, we're leaving Madison on Jan. 10 for Ft. L.. In our two days in Florida we look forward to visiting with friends we haven't seen for some time. We're doing the first part to Buenos Aires alone, but our friiends Kathy and Mike schwaegerl will join us there for the Amazon part. It's exciting to think about the places and sites we'll see on this trip and I hope to write about our observations as we go. Maybe this ... read more

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