Day 4

Published: April 7th 2007
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We stayed too long at the "Bear's Den." Spent the morning swapping stories with
a section hiker. He has a trail name but he is about to get a new one. I have
renamed him "Manhatten Bear Slayer" if you meet him you will know why. The route
for the day involved seven mountains and ten miles. CC was a real trooper and we
walked into the shelter after dark. We did the last mile and a half with our
headlamps on. CC was bringing up the rear until an undertermined creature made a
bunch of noise. The noise gave her some serious energy and all of a sudden she
wanted to be in front. There were some other nice New Yorkers there and we had a
nice time chatting until bed time. Once in bed CC was complaining about needing
some ventalation. About 30min later she had all the breeze she could stand.
There was a wind storm last night that sounded like our tent was set up at the
end of the JFK runway. Needless to say it was another sleepless night for CC.
When the rain started about 2AM she got a little rest.

Patrick, Deborah Mooney aka OD & CC
All Who Wander Are Not Lost

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Gonna be a while?

You will never know just how satisfying this Snikers was!

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