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North America » United States » West Virginia » Davis August 22nd 2011

Jenny and I had planned to visit the Tibetan Buddhist temple in Wisconsin, where it is rumoured they have a restaurant serving Tibetan cuisine that is to die for (which may be an ironic statement for a person leading towards spiritual enlightenment of the Buddhist variety). We were unable to find the opportunity to go during my stay with her family, but had given thought to dropping in on my way to New York. It somehow didn’t seem right that I should however. Jenny and I first met on a Tibetan Buddhist forum, on facebook actually, and I had wanted to share that experience with her. As I had promised to see her again before I leave to go home, I decided, that then, would be the best opportunity to go there. As a nice alternative, ... read more

North America » United States » West Virginia » Davis October 21st 2008

I spent most of the next day in the Land of Canaan. It’s a high mountain plateau surrounded by mountains, the highest east of the Mississippi. It’s also known as the Canaan Valley. The unusual name comes from the earliest white settlers, who thought the area was so beautiful it reminded them of the Land of Milk and Honey from the Bible. The plateau is so high that the weather was more like winter than fall, and the trees no longer had leaves. Unfortunately, the area is slowly being overrun by second homes and vacation condos. Eventually, it will resemble the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania more than the rest of West Virginia. My first site for the day had more to do with earthly needs than heavenly ones. My body ached after the raft trips. I ... read more
Deer in Caanan Valley
Canaan Valley Swamp
Nurse Log

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