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North America » United States » Virginia » Pearisburg July 19th 2009

It's been a week since I left LA. I arrived in Bristol on Monday night and have explored the entire panhandle region. It's similar to West Virginia state, but the people seem nicer, the roads more developed, etc. Maybe I'm just a bit more seasoned of a traveler these days and I'm not noticing certain things. Tonight I'm in Roanoke, in the central-west area of Virginia. I spent a couple hours on the Blue Ridge Highway and couldn't find the turnoff I needed. Many of the smaller roads are not labeled, change numbers, or don't match paper maps. I intentionally left my GPS in California, but there have been a couple occasions when I wish I hadn't. When there aren't errors, I've found it just as easy to get around with just a paper map. Anyway, ... read more
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North America » United States » Virginia » Pearisburg June 14th 2007

Pics for May 23rd North America » United States » Virginia » Pearisburg By OD and CCs Long WalkJune 14th 2007Pearisburg to Sugar Run Gap... read more
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Where is Tarzan when I need him?

North America » United States » Virginia » Pearisburg May 27th 2007

Just read over my last entry (after sending it) and hope Matt cleaned up all of the spelling errors. This device I use has a keyboard that is about 8" wide and 3" tall. I type with only my index fingers and try to hold it down with the rest, or as now in the tent. I support it on my thumbs, clamp the middle of the device between the ring and middle fingers and type laying on my sleeping pad. Sorry for not saying which town we were in, it was Pearisburg,VA. I get on a roll and forget what I have typed and what I said to someone on the phone. Got out of town late, 10:15AM! The mountain behind town was still 3,000' worth of elevation gain and the packs were heavy. ... read more

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