Wet, Windy and Gravel!

Published: May 19th 2018
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Approximate Route

Google maps route.Google maps route.Google maps route.

This is what the bicycle route gave me. But at least I was off the Highway!
What a day! I think it was an early test! I barely passed!

I’ll admit it wasn’t much fun today at all!

Last night after looking at the weather at numerous sites, I could not find one that would help me out! They all said rain all day! Darn!

After Gary, ( the fine fellow I stayed with last night) looked at my Adventure Cycling route, he convinced me I could cut off 10 miles by following another route. Since he was also a bicyclist, and he assured me the route wasn’t any more unsafe than the route I mapped out, I decided to follow his advice.


For the first 20 miles, I found myself on a very busy two lane highway with bountiful rain! NO FUN! I even got passed by the most feared of any vehicle; a logging truck at exit velocity as usual!

I finally made it to Louisa safe and sound, ( and swore to myself I would NEVER do that again! ). I found a Hardee’s to hang out in for awhile and regroup.

The AC Route was way to the south by now and I didn’t
Google bicycle route took me here!Google bicycle route took me here!Google bicycle route took me here!

This is like a Burt ride!
know a good way to get back on track.

So I pulled up google maps, inserted bicycle, and asked it to take me to my warm showers destination in Charlottesville.

The good news is that it took me MOSTLY away from the busy roads and through some really beautiful quiet areas.

The bad news; I spent about 15 miles of it on dirt ( or rather mud) and gravel! It even took me to a locked gate! Lifting 80 lbs over that wasn’t gonna happen!

Otherwise, not so bad except for the uphills and mud of course. Oh and the gusting headwind didn’t help either!

I’m glad I have been spending a lot of time back home on gravel to prepare me for today.

Another thing I really learned today. Rain pants make things worse. Maybe if it is really cold outside they would be a good idea, but today it was in the 60’s and I was absolutely sweltering.

I shed them after about 20 miles and that really got me out of a deep funk and back in the game.

The last 10 miles or so heading into Charlottesville was
Had to pump up a slow leak a few times.Had to pump up a slow leak a few times.Had to pump up a slow leak a few times.

Fortunately I could get another 15 miles on it to finish the day. New tube tomorrow.
about 6-8% up and down so I got to test the legs once again.

Tomorrow is a day off and I am very lucky to be with great hosts here in Charlottesville. I’ve got the whole basement complete with washer and dryer.


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Louisa CourthouseLouisa Courthouse
Louisa Courthouse

Confederate General Fitzugh Lee’s division camped around this courthouse preparing for the Battle of Trevilian Station.

19th May 2018

Hang in!
Oh man, sounds like a pretty miserable day! Gotta get better...Hang in there--we're all with you!
20th May 2018

Thanks John for the support. As you will see today. Life got much better with some rest and Sun today.

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