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North America » United States » Virginia » Charlottesville October 20th 2020

It was an easy drive out of North Carolina. And traffic was sparse. However, once we were in Virginia the pandemic reared its ugly head. There was no indoor dining at the McDonalds where we stopped for lunch. Luckily though, we were still able to order inside the restaurant and use the bathrooms. We were left however without a place to sit down and eat our food. I always refuse to eat in the car whose seat I am trying to get relief from after sitting in the same position for hours. So I just drove. I had no idea where I was going, but I was convinced that there was going to be somewhere ideal to eat the burgers and fries we had just purchased. I barreled ahead, although my search was proving unsuccessful. Mom ... read more
Empty Hotel Lobby
Outside the Whiskey Bar
Virginia Mall

The 1221-mile trip from Twin Fountains RV Resort in Oklahoma City OK to Charlottesville KOA in Charlottesville VA included overnight stops at Graceland RV Park & Campground in Memphis TN and at Southlake RV Park in Knoxville TN. It was long but, thankfully, less eventful than the trip from Apache Junction AZ to Oklahoma City. Charlottesville KOA is about eleven miles from town (I had no Verizon service – cell phone or WiFi) but the park provides an internet connection so I wasn’t completely stripped of my planning abilities. The RV park is adequate but is on the lower end of the KOA spectrum. As my buddy George Carlin once said, “Somewhere there is the world’s worst doctor. Might he be yours?” History buff and presidential nerd that I am, I had to make a stop ... read more
James and Dolley Outside the Visitor Center
Situated on a Hilltop, The Manor House Is Quite Impressive
Books and Learning – Although He Never Travelled Outside the United States, Madison Was Fluent in Greek, Latin and Hebrew and Read Many of the Classic Philosophers

Today was a scheduled and welcome day off. The forecast was rain most of the day, so I wasn’t anxious to get back on my bike anyway. My host family JoAnn and David Dalley were a delightful couple. My downstairs arrangement was perfect and I very much enjoyed their company. JoAnn is a Master Gardner and avid bird watcher. David is a bicycle nut like me. Thank you both for such a wonderful stay! Montpellier was where I had planned to go but between my legs asking for rest and the rain I decided on plan B. Thanks to their sweet and helpful daughter Rachel’s guidance, I set out exploring the city. I must say that Charlottesville is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. Homes were built here between the trees and ... read more
Azaleas are everywhere.
I saw hundreds of homes just like this.
Yellow Azaleas

What a day! I think it was an early test! I barely passed! I’ll admit it wasn’t much fun today at all! Last night after looking at the weather at numerous sites, I could not find one that would help me out! They all said rain all day! Darn! After Gary, ( the fine fellow I stayed with last night) looked at my Adventure Cycling route, he convinced me I could cut off 10 miles by following another route. Since he was also a bicyclist, and he assured me the route wasn’t any more unsafe than the route I mapped out, I decided to follow his advice. BAD IDEA!!! For the first 20 miles, I found myself on a very busy two lane highway with bountiful rain! NO FUN! I even got passed by the most ... read more
Google bicycle route took me here!
Had to pump up a slow leak a few times.
Louisa Courthouse

North America » United States » Virginia » Charlottesville September 6th 2016

We left Pennsylvania and headed south to Virginia. First stop was at Misty Mountain Campground outside of Greenwood which was close to Charlottesville. While in this area I visited Highland which was the home of James Monroe. They are doing archaeology digs to further study the area. The tour guide provided interesting information regarding Monroe, his life at Highland and especially about his 40 year friendship with Thomas Jefferson who lived just down the road. I then went down the road to Monticello which was much grander than Highland. They give a guided tour of the house with interesting information and his life at Monticello, It was sad to learn that both Jefferson and Monroe had financial difficulties through their lives and both had to sell many of their possessions to pay their debts. I tried ... read more
Drive into Highland
House built after Monroe house burned see white outline of original home site
James Monroe

The first day of the road trip is now in the books! With stops at Greensboro College in North Carolina, Monticello and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia, you wouldn't think my day was so long. But I did start in Athens, GA, this morning at about 7:20. Thirteen hours later, and I'm staying the night at the Open Arms Hostel in Luray, Virginia. I should preface this entry by saying that I chaperoned a youth trip to the lake yesterday, and now my body is paying for it. So many sore muscles, bruises that I didn't even know I had, and then a possible bruised rib or two (I won't say broken, I won't say broken, I won't say broken...). You would think that sitting in a car would be easy work, especially if ... read more
Vineyards at Monticello
Sunflower at Monticello
Recurring window motif at Monticello

My travel plans were slightly altered this weekend. I planned on leaving Ohio Saturday afternoon in order to make it to Charlottesville by evening. However, do to a recent illness, I decided it was better for me to rest up and leave Sunday morning instead. So, I departed this morning bright and early, and without much traffic, arrived in Charlottesville by early afternoon. Charlottesville has been a great time, per usual. Caitlin and I had a fun packed day including a local winery and birthday party, local coffee stop, hike at Monticello trail, and craft tacos. Tomorrow I depart for Baltimore/Washington International Airport. Stay tuned. ... read more
Adventure Farm Winery
Caitlin and Me
Hike at Monticello

Bonjour à tous, Mon erreur de programmation sur gps hier, m'a permis de passer une des plus belles journées de conduite depuis le départ. Je quitte Beckley, ce matin en pensant à tous mes potes qui se sont "goinfrés" ce matin à Yzeron, de soupe aux choux, de lard, de saucisson chaud, enfin que des choses auxquelles je pense de plus en plus souvent. J'espère, qu'ils ont pris chacun une bouchée pour moi. Ce qui est le plus "salaud" c'est de m'envoyer des photos, pour me faire baver encore plus. Merci quand même. Ce matin première programmation Marlinton WestCarolina. pas le choix que de faire 80 km d'autoroute. Ces 80 km vont ressemblés beaucoup à ceux que l'on fait du côté de Nantua pour aller à Genève, un régal pour les yeux, dimanche matin tôt, très ... read more
la route du matin

North America » United States » Virginia » Charlottesville September 29th 2014

We drove to Charlottesville through the Shenadoah National Park. The route we took is called the Skyline Drive and it takes you right down the ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We heard the views were spectacular, and even though it was lashing rain we decided to still go for it. We arrived at the park gates and the ranger told us it was pretty foggy but we said we'd go anyway. We couldn't see a thing on the drive but we imagined the views would be nice! We saw a few deer and Eagles on the drive. We arrived at Charlottesville around 7pm. Our motel was right beside the practice pitches for the University of Virginia. The college brass band were practicing, and they played Beyonces 'put a ring on it'. It was brilliant! We ... read more
Wonderful Views!
We did catch one good one
Main St Charlottesville

Ever since I was in grade school and first studied Thomas Jefferson I have been a student of the sage of Charlottesville, Virginia. We all know of his contributions to our fledgling country: author of the Declaration of Independence, member of the Continental Congress, minister to France, President and driving force behind the Louisiana Purchase. Jefferson was a man of enormous talents and an expansive intellect. He was a philosopher, politician, violinist, horticulturalist, bee-keeper, inventor, bibliophile and architect, to name just a few of his myriad talents. But Jefferson was also a complex man of contradictions. He was, of course, a slave holder who fathered six children after the death of his beloved wife Martha with one of his slaves—Sally Hemings--who just happened to be the half-sister of his late wife (they shared the same father). ... read more

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