Just a quick one!!

Published: April 10th 2008
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Well guys, its been a while... but i'm sorry 2 let u all down but this is just a quick one. Left DC last friday, oh and a side note 2 our last night in DC we had a power cut and some people got stuck in the elevator... pretty funny.
Well left DC and headed 2 charlottesville, virginia. Arrived about nine, settled in and went out 2 get sum beers. Took along the 2 people who were stayin at the Hostel. One was about 2 do a PHD in Physics and the lass acted like she had a PHD in everything, but was full of shit!! Charlottsville is a real nice place and me and Benito got some $8 dollar pitchers of ale (can't turn ur nose up at that price!!) After a few beers we headed back 2 our Hostel which is also by the by really nice!!
In the mornin we got up and walked in2 town with Mr Physics who had 2 be headin of back 2 New Jersey. Mine and Bens plan was 2 gather equipment 4 our hikin trip.
After gettin some directions from a woman who told us 2 get the bus 2 this camp store. We thought we would walk as many Americans seem 2 find the idea of walkin a mile very difficult 2 understand... even if that means waitin half an hour 4 a bus!!
But on this occasion we should have heeded her advice... it was a long walk. However we found our store and started looking at things we would need and pricin it up, it looked like it was going 2 be expensive. As originally we thought we were going 2 have 2 get a taxi 2 waynesboro, which would have cost alot and what with the price of our gear on top it looked like it was gonna be too expensive. However we got in touch with a "trail angel" who would take us 2 the startin point of our hike for half the price of a cab. With this bit of information, we grabbed everything we needed in the camp store (i should have got some waterproof trousers!!) and then headed 2 the supermarked 2 get food supplies... mainly consisting of snickers, cereal bars and noodles... i hate everysingle one of these now!!
With our spirits lifted, all gear and food bought and Mr Kirby our trail angel pickin us up at 7 am the followin mornin we were ready 2 get hikin!!!!


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