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North America » United States » Vermont » Fair Haven October 6th 2006

It had been 31 days since arriving in the United States of America and today, there was nothing planned on the agenda for today. I always try and plan a rest day in all my travels but I had to wait this long before I was able to do it! My feet will thank me later on tonight when we head to ‘the club’! Dani had to run off and bring one of her cats over while I stayed at home and watched endless re-runs of Passions, followed by Family Matters. I sewed my bag up again and made sure that I had all relevant paperwork ready to cross the border into Canada. By the time Dani came home in the afternoon, we discussed the game plan for tomorrow’s big road trip to Toronto. She ... read more
It's a full moon tonight...
Dani @ Mr Karaoke

North America » United States » Vermont » Fair Haven October 5th 2006

Today was going to be a very exciting day. Dani and I were headed to The Great Escape, a theme park that she had been telling me about for ages about and today was the day to find out…that the place was closed? CLOSED? HOW COULD THEY BE CLOSED?!! I had flown over here, lost my credit card, missed a plane, been abused in New York City’s subway system by an MTA employee, and now THE PARK IS CLOSED - Ohhh…they had better watch out, because Dani offered to drive past there today and I would be sure to let my feelings be known to them! We weren’t entirely sure what we wanted to do today so we just went for a random cruise anyway. I would have been happier watching Richard and Trish’s recorded ... read more
More of that beautiful Vermont sky
The Great Escape...CLOSED
Welcome to Vermont

North America » United States » Vermont » Fair Haven October 4th 2006

Today, Dani and I would go climbing up Mt Equinox, the third highest points in Vermont. It was a climactic build up to tomorrow’s main activity (The Great Escape theme park) and Friday Night’s activity (‘the club’ is all I have been told!) before Saturday’s big road trip over the border and onto Toronto. This part of America is very lush, green and beautiful. But that is about to change in the next few days as its now fall and the leaves will start changing before dying off. Dani tells me that there are people that come from far and wide to come and see the leaves change. I think it’s beautiful, but Dani is quite over it! The landscape leaves me speechless. The road travels along flat valleys and on either side are rolling ... read more
On the way to Mt Equinox
Big skies reaching forever into the distance
more Big Sky

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