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July 7th 2002
Published: July 7th 2002
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Driving along the interstate 15 down toward Zion National Park we saw signs for Cedar and thought that this city would obviously be the best place to spend the night. Try out a real American small town bar, get to meet some of the locals, maybe listen to some "country and western". After finding a motel we asked the receptionist were the nearest bar was. The nearest of the two only 3 blocks.

3 blocks actually turned out to be nearly a mile and a half, but we were treated to a display of local Friday night activities - getting in the pickup, driving at high speed down the central strip, playing loud music and screaming. Steve, our Taiwanese American friend, was worried that it was because they'd never seen a china man before and were rounding up a lynch mob. Matt and I assured him that this wasn't the case, and that he was OK as he knew kung fu.

Eventually we arrived at the bar, the Sportsman, and promptly got ID'd. Steve being 20 was again refused entry, the prospect of running the gauntlet back to the strip for our young friend on his own was not an option. I walked Steve back to the motel and left Matt to sample the local nightlife. I drove back to the bar.

On entering, Matt was looking extremely relieved to see me, and immediately introduced me to "Sara". Sara had once been out of state, to Las Vegas, but she didn't explain how she had lost most of her teeth. I had a beer - $1.50 and we left, real America, no country or western, and piss poor beer. Matt was extremely pleased with his $4.99 haircut.


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