Day 217

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March 29th 2008
Published: March 31st 2008
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Day 217

Obfuscator writes: A day on the road. We left Houston in late morning, after hanging out with J for a bit and leaving our copy of Firefly with him (since he hadn't seen the whole series). We drove north and north and north. We stopped in some town, perhaps around Nacogdoches, to eat some lunch. Our chosen eatery was a Whataburger, a chain that you can find all over the south, and never in the north. Onaxthiel and I had both never tried them before, so we figured we should give it a go.

Onaxthiel seemed more impressed by them than I was. The food was more expensive than McDonald's, and for about the same quality, as far as I could tell. I guess the portion was a bit bigger, but I wouldn't recommend Whataburger for anything. We kept going north until we got to Texarkana. We had been planning on stopping before that for a few different camping options, but the forecast called for 60% chance of thunderstorms, so we figured that probably wouldn't be much fun.

Later we walked across our motel parking lot in Texarkana and ate dinner at the Cattleman's Steakhouse, which was all right. I've lost my voice due to some kind of illness in the last few days, so when I croaked out an order for hot tea, they brought be a huge urn of tea, enough for many many cups. Onaxthiel had a first when he got a frosty mug of milk. I'm not sure he was thrilled with that result. The catfish I had was pretty good, and Onaxthiel seemed satisfied with his steak. He was less satisfied with his potato after he put what he thought was sour cream all over it. Turned out to be horseradish.

Later, as we sat in the motel, the thunderstorm hit. A short while later, the hail began. It rained heavily all night, and I think we were both quite satisfied that we had stopped in a motel.


3rd April 2008

I am liking the Astro-McDonalds and the banana slug

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