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September 7th 2009
Published: September 7th 2009
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Butch & KayButch & KayButch & Kay

The day a wonderful journey began. May 31, 1969 - our Wedding Day.
We had a long day yesterday. Woke up at 4:00 a.m. & left for the Fairbanks airport at 4:30. Got to Seattle where our connecting flight to Salt Lake City was delayed over an hour. Finally got to SLC & had to jog to the gate to get there in time before they closed the plane door. Got home at 9:30 last night.

But you know what? It was an amazing trip. We have just spent a wonderful 2 weeks with our guys that none of us will soon forget. I hope you have enjoyed our blog. We have had fun preparing it & I suspect that some of the events will find their way into the 2010 Gerfers Gazette!

A special thank you to Jodie Wurzbach, our travel agent for helping us plan & book such a great trip; to Meara McMains, for taking care of our kitties while we were gone; and to Meredith Agnew, for taking us to & from the airport.

Until next time.

p.s. - It seems appropriate to include a picture of the event that was the genesis of our cruise, our wedding day.

p.p.s - I am delighted to
Bear WarningBear WarningBear Warning

A few years ago, I heard this "Bear Warning" on the radio. I have never seen it in print until I found it in our hotel in Fairbanks. Enjoy!
share with you this "Wildlife Advisory". Enjoy!


22nd September 2009

Wow, those were great stories and pictures and experiences. I did similar things when I went about 17 years ago! That's awesome to see the Bears and Mt McKinley! I hope to get to see the northern lights someday somewhere! I use to love that Northern Exposure show. How cool to see the town! We also went on the Discovery Sternboat and saw the village. You'll have to watch the Iditarod Race on the Discovery channel this year! Maybe you can go dog sledding in the winter! I went in MN! I love the bear warning sign too. I've seen it before. Maybe it was in Alaska too! I'm glad you have many happy memories with your family.
23rd June 2010
Butch & Kay

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