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October 23rd 2009
Published: October 23rd 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Well, I wasn't a teenager during the fifties or the next decade (preteen during the last portion), but I did watch American Bandstand and the reruns for those events.

I grew up with a mother that made the oldies music and dance a great favorite of mine.

Friend George was again in the US from his work in EG. His 'parents' were out of town and the party was on!

What fun we all had traveling to his house, dressing up and chowing down hamburgers, fries and cherry pie!!

A friend of George's provided the music (not all true fifties), the furniture was pushed back to the walls and everyone had the best time!

Friends MariaJose (aka Jo) and Luis came all the way from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico for the party! They definitely won the prize for the ones traveling the farthest to attend. They had never seen such as we had! Of course they are less than half our age!!

I was planning to wait to post until George could send me his and friends' pictures as well, but George is busy doing all the things he needs and wants to before returning to work so I thought I'd let you peek at the few photos I had taken (sometimes camera being passed off to someone else to take the shots because I was busy and, lets face it, I'm not a great photographer).

I had a disposable camera as well (do I hear you mumbling, Mitch?) that the photos should be inset in a frame with movie shots of ELVIS!

Hopefully, now that the floods are to stop, I'll run errands and get those for you too.

Miss all my friends and hope everyone is doing exceptionally well.

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23rd October 2009

Good Time!
Patt, looks like everyone had a good time. I can't remember the last time I danced. Apparently you are not working. Are you retired? When this current job ends in April 2011 I am going to retire for sure this time! Betty had her left shoulder replaced and is recovering nicely. She is back yelling at me full time. It is so good to hear that after her operation. If you come up this way to see Grant please let me know. Jeff
24th October 2009

Hi, Jeff!
No, not really retired, just not taking less than I feel I deserve. Yeah, first time for me dancing in a while and I sure felt it the next day! Grant's in Florida now but all my other friends are in Dallas and I need to visit before the end of the year. I'll definitely let y'all know when I make it up there. Have another costume for Halloween so I can't leave yet! Say hi to Betty and I'm glad she's doing so well and keeping you in line. Sure you don't want one more little project before retirement? You like working and you know it! Hope the boys and the doggies are doing well too. Miss y'all.
24th October 2009

For all American Banstand fans
I loved Dick Clark and American Bandstand.... also loved the Fonz.... he has had some great acting gigs since then... hey folks, I just earned a free trip on this website: check it out!

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