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January 30th 2014
Published: January 30th 2014
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Blanco State ParkBlanco State ParkBlanco State Park

On the banks of the Blanco River
It has been a while since the last posting . It seems there has been one polar vortex after another reaching down into the South. I know it is not as bad as some states, but it has kept us inside and cautious about our water line which needs to be unhooked in weather below freezing. The evening weather reports here can make us laugh as Texans deal with a bit of snow and sleet. One lady made the news when she couldn't find the ice scrapper for her car windows. Actually, black ice is the real problem here and can shut everything down until the afternoon when above freezing temps usually arrive.

Since last we 'talked' we have been to some new parks and tried some new foods. We stayed one week at Sam Houston State Park in Louisiana. Great park since it has sewer hook-ups and a free laundry - unheard of in state parks! There are deer in the park that are so tame that they watch us as we watch them . Our next stop was supposed to be in the Piney Woods of Texas at Village Creek State Park
Sam Houston Jones State parkSam Houston Jones State parkSam Houston Jones State park

This little deer had no interest in eating crackers
in Lumberton, TX, but the sites were too small for our set up. We could have moved on, but we had scheduled a mail drop at the local post office so we found a private park . It was an interesting stay, the sheriff visited our neighbors twice and we were next door to the Texas Honky Tonk. Thursday was Wings and Washers Night at the Honky Tonk, so Ron called to ask what that meant. "It's chicken wings and a washer tournament," the fellow told him. To which Ron asked, "What are washers?" The fellow answered, " You aren't from around here are ya?" The tournament amounts to people throwing huge metal discs ( washers ) into holes cut into a board.

We did get out and walk the Flood Plain trail at the Sandyland Sanctuary. A long walk since the trail was so poorly marked we covered lots of area just looking for trail markers. But the reward was seeing 3 river otters at play. This is the third time we have seen river otters in the wild - the first time was in Florida when we were in our kayak and we followed a

A Wee Cottage
family of 4 otters as they made their way down the river and the second time was at a Provincial park in Canada.

Currently we are staying 2 weeks at Blanco State Park in Blanco, TX. A great park in the Hill Country of Texas on the Blanco River. The small town of Blanco is laid out like so many Texas towns . There is a town center which has a huge court house . This area is surrounded on all four sides by streets lined with shops and businesses. Blanco is still doing well in the downtown area and most shops are still open. From Blanco it is a short drive to Pedernales Falls State Park - see the pictures below of a great park, but the campground really isn't good for big rigs.

We took a short break from our RVing trip to stay in a B&B in Fredericksburg, called 2 Wee Cottages. And that is just what it was - our wee cottage was so cute, with doilies and lace everywhere. The best part was the enclosed porch with a 2 person hot tub! When we arrived the owner had just
The Wee KitchenThe Wee KitchenThe Wee Kitchen

On the table is our chocolate cake snack and a fresh loaf of bread.
brought in our loaf of freshly baked bread still warm from the oven and the cheese Danish that would be our breakfast . Each day we also found an afternoon snack on the porch table. For two days we walked the down town , relaxed in the hot tub and watched movies on the big screen TV. It was just like a vacation!

Two new foods to report on. Fresh Cracklin (from a butcher shop, not the bagged kind like you see in the potato chip aisle) - which is fried pork rind. The frying renders much of the fat that is attached to the rind causing the finished bits to be crisp and delicious. The second food is a sausage called boudine - the king of Cajun food - which is made with rice, seasonings and pork or crawfish stuffed into a natural casing. A local butcher had a good laugh when I asked him about the sausage - seems I didn’t pronounce it correctly . He said, " You aren't from around here are ya?" Then came a lesson in pronunciation as he walked me to the register. There are also boudine Balls which is
The Auslander in FredericksburgThe Auslander in FredericksburgThe Auslander in Fredericksburg

This is for Tim and Ann who encourage us to get a beer at local establishments
breaded and deep fried boudine sausage.

We'll be in the Hill Country for several more weeks - sure wish the cedar trees would would quit their pollinating and leave my sinuses alone.

Euchre Tournament scores so far - Tam - 532, Ron - 510

Additional photos below
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Ron and Dave Ron and Dave
Ron and Dave

Dave says to Ron, "You have so much to learn, Grasshopper."
The road into Blanco State park The road into Blanco State park
The road into Blanco State park

Notice the Flood Water gauge
Pedernales FallsPedernales Falls
Pedernales Falls

The fresh water spring gushes from the limestone rock formation
Downtown BlancoDowntown Blanco
Downtown Blanco

Biggest tree in the county.

Over the fence in the park
2 new blocks2 new blocks
2 new blocks

The colorful bits are painted on to white cloth and then appliqued.

30th January 2014

Great pictures;great everything but the cold weather!
31st January 2014

Love 'em.
I love your blogs and the way you travel. How wonderful. I really thought the Australian camper was neat. Your blocks are great--can't wait to see them in a quilt. Keep enjoying. Ellen
31st January 2014

Wings and Washers
Tam/Ron, You didn't say how your evening at the Texas Honky Tonk turned out. How did you guys do in the washer toss contest? You can tell us. PaulK
31st January 2014

We watched and tried to pick up the fine points. Especially important is to only let your pants slip part way down your butt when you pick up the washers.
31st January 2014

Freezing sub zero from Michigan
WOW - you are really seeing some neat sites. You will have to be our travel director for winter when Lee retires -- 2015 or maybe before. He can leave anytime after June, 2014 under the 85 rule. I am so glad you are able to travel and enjoy life soooo much.
3rd February 2014

Thanks for continuing the beers in a bar tradition. I\'ve played a version of the washer game. Exactly whose pants slipped down during the game? Also, I\'m sure you watched the Super Bowl! Ann-Tim ps-great pictures
10th February 2014

How beautiful, I did not think of Texas like that. The Australian camper was a hoot. Imagine bringing it all that way.

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