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January 14th 2012
Published: January 16th 2012
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Tarrant County Courthouse where the parade begins.
I got off work Friday (13th) and was in the mood to just read. I went to the Library checked out some books and had decided that was what I wanted to do this weekend just chill and read. It was about 1 A.M when I finished one of the books. I was looking forward to sleeping in Saturday morning.

I woke up Saturday morning at 8 and thought about trying to go back to sleep. I laid there a little bit then decided to get up and go to the Stockshow Parade in Fort Worth. I had looked it up on the internet earlier in the week and knew it started at 11. I thought about calling a friend to see if they wanted to go too but figured everyone was still asleep so decided to go by myself.

I got to Fort Worth at 10 and didn't have any trouble finding a parking space. I walked over to the parade route and found a great spot to set up my chair. I had never been to this parade and didn't know what to expect. No motorized vehicles are allowed in the parade. I was at the beginning

Downtown Fort Worth Parade route
of the parade route and it started right on time at 11. It did not end until 12:40. It was a great parade. I was sitting near one of the parade judges and he said there were 177 entry in the parade. I heard on the news that night there were over 2000 horses in the parade, They had all kinds of horses. There were dancing horses, high stepping horses, and even some which would walk sideways. It was great.

After the parade was over, I decided to go to Log Cabin Village also located in Fort Worth. I had been there one time on a school field trip when I was in the 3rd grade, that was a long time ago!!!! It wasn't like I was expecting. I remember them having more demonstrations such as candle making, spinning etc. The only demonstrations they had was a women showing some kids how to make rag dolls and a cooking demonstration on Dutch ovens. I don't know if it was because it was off-season or if they just don't do a lot of demonstration any more. It was still neat seeing the old original cabins. It was peaceful there.

I left Fort Worth about 3:30 and headed back to Dallas. I remembered Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis were having a concert that night at 8. I decided to go if I could get a ticket. Once I got back to Dallas, I stopped at Olive Garden to eat lunch. I was starving since all I had eaten all day was a couple of french toast stick that morning driving to Fort Worth. I came home changed clothes and then went to the Eisemann Center to see if they had any tickets. I asked the cashier if he had 1 great seat available. He found me one and it was a great seat. I enjoyed the concert a lot. Lorrie and Pam did not have as much energy in their show as I was expecting. They sat down on bar stools the whole concert. All the band member and backup singers were sitting down also. After the concert they were signing autographs so decided to have them sign my program. It was interesting meeting and seeing them in person.

For a day when I really had nothing planned, it turned out to be a fun day.

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