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November 28th 2010
Published: November 28th 2010
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1: Driving with Celeste 47 secs
2: Karaoke... 15 secs
3: Homer's Holler 9 secs

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I decided that in order to get away from my computer this year, I would take two weeks to go to the Tennessee Fitness Spa. I was looking for a place that I could boost my fitness & I found that in Tennessee and so much more! The price is right - it includes the lodging, but also the fitness classes, access to the gym, pool, hot tub, computer, etc. It also includes all meals, which are strictly within a specific diet plan. Amazing by itself for the price, but then there are the beautiful, dedicated, awesome staff & the people at the spa itself. The first thing that really impacted me was on the first night I was there (14-Nov-2010) and people were introducing themselves at dinner. I could not believe how many people had been there before!! This spa is doing something right to keep people coming back over and over again & now I get it!!

So, if the idea is to get a regimented (and creative) diet that leaves you satisfied and to have access to a whole host of classes and like minded (in a health-conscience way) people who are all in it together (not
Our PlaceOur PlaceOur Place

Nancy, Celeste & I had the whole bottom floor!!
to mention surprisingly good massage options - and trust me, I am an expert!), then this place is for you....

So not to sound like too much of a commercial, not everything was roses - it takes effort, I had cabin fever, as there are no real options to leave and if you do not have a car, you will feel stuck there. This place is in the boonies. I am lucky enough to have found my share of friends with cars, so we were able to get to Walmart, we visited a goat farm, took a tour of the Jack Daniel's distillery, and went to a bar - we needed it!! I also got chased by cows, made a fire by the lake and had wonderful conversations with many people that I hope will be friends forever. Like Terry and Gary say, "We are so lucky" & like Celeste says, "the smock is in the rear!" (obviously a private, but very funny joke).

The fitness instuctor, Barry, reminded us (when we were moaning and pushing with our workouts) that there are people who do not have the opportunity to work out, because they are sick, etc. If they had the opportunity to get into shape like we do, what a gift it would be for them. It is true, so true, we are lucky.

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Water WheelWater Wheel
Water Wheel

No longer working, but still pretty!
Homer's HollerHomer's Holler
Homer's Holler

This is where I almost got trampled.
Our DucksOur Ducks
Our Ducks

They were there to greet us every day!
Danny WeldingDanny Welding
Danny Welding

So industrious! He is building a bridge!
Mary Jo & IMary Jo & I
Mary Jo & I

Now Mary Jo is a pip!

Best dog ever
Visiting the GoatsVisiting the Goats
Visiting the Goats

What a wonderful day. This lady is spectacular - google "Bonnie Blue Farm" and order her goat cheese - it is absolutely worth it - trust me!
Lunch in Belinda's KitchenLunch in Belinda's Kitchen
Lunch in Belinda's Kitchen

Belinda, sweetest lady ever - and I swear this woman really cares about the guests. TFS is lucky to have her and her awesome staff!
Are they trying to tell us something?Are they trying to tell us something?
Are they trying to tell us something?

I am getting an impression of a subtle message...but it escapes me.... hmmmm
Old Indian CarvingOld Indian Carving
Old Indian Carving

I am still not sure if this is authentic.
Abandoned HouseAbandoned House
Abandoned House

Right in the woods. Saw alot of this... very "Blair Witch"...

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