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December 28th 2008
Published: February 3rd 2009
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American flags are flying EVERYWHERE! I don't know why I never noticed it before. It must have been like background music that you ignore after a while. But since I've been in silence for the last three months, I now can hear the music!

I pull into Walmart. Excitement brings tears to my eyes, and I laugh at myself, It's only Walmart, Alicia.

As I spy that huge American flag flying from the top of the building, I think, No, it's not just Walmart. It's better than any store in England!

Once inside, I'm reminded how truly HUGE Walmart is. It's like a mall! If Marks and Spencers combined with Boots, it still wouldn't be as big as Walmart or as cheap. I stroll slowly down the isles. Oh my God, they have everything here! I don't have to go to four different shops to find what I need.

I buy a washcloth for half the price of the ones in St. Albans. I haven't found measuring cups since I arrived in the UK, so I decide to buy some here. Ninety-seven cents for a full set of measuring cups with measuring spoons! Eat that, England! I find a Tennessee Titans long-sleeved shirt, and I have to buy it. I buy Crest whitening strips, because I haven't been able to find any in St. Albans. I buy another electric power adapter, because (surprise, surprise) I can't find one in England.

At the cashier, I try to pay with my British debit card, but it's rejected. The girl says, "There's an ATM over there, if you want to try getting cash out. I'll wait."

The ATM rejects the card. I return to the cashier and pay with my American debit card, slightly worried that the account doesn't have enough money in it. I took almost everything out of it when I moved to England.

As I leave the store, I realize it's a Sunday and everything in the city is still open. I laugh, remembering all the times I've tried to do something in St. Albans, only to find out that it's closed. I can't even go grocery shopping after four in the afternoon! But Walmart is open 24/7. Damn right, bitches. I think, yet again. This is how we do it in America! I toy with idea of coming back at one in the morning, just because I can.

God bless America.


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