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Published: May 7th 2010
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Connor at workConnor at workConnor at work

So this is about what I wake up to every morning- Connor making a mess in the kitchen and Parker running around playing or watching a video. I learned today that Connor loves Cheerios and will crawl to you like he loves you if you have them
My first trip of the summer isn't until May 27- I have four lined up for June and July (Yellowstone, Bahamas, up north, and then Florida keys). So until then, I have a few weeks to just be mush. I'm going out with friends, getting stuff done, blah blah blah. Mostly I hang out with Damon because he's unemployed and he's leaving for good mid-June (yes, I will be super depressed. That is why I planned the Bahamas trip RIGHT after he leaves!).

But typical summer activities are turning out to be: roll out of bed about 8ish, hang out with the nephews because they are SUPER cute (on Thursdays I go visit Grandma at Wellington with Mom and the boys (bonus: the chef there is kinda cute ;-), somewhere late morning I run a few errands and what not, I'm starting to get out in the sun every day (gotta get that vitamin D! and I WILL be tan before May is over!) by either reading the bible in a chair or mowing the lawn or something to that nature (I plan on taking a few trips to read the bible in the mountains- it's my goal to finish
The tree fits in the Fit!The tree fits in the Fit!The tree fits in the Fit!

I love, love, love my Honda Fit!
that thing before this summer is over!). Evenings are usually when I hang with Damon to walk around the park or college campus, rent a movie, whatever...

Which brings me to the ridiculousness that is today's adventure. We were walking in an un-named location, and noticed that a place where there should be a tree didn't have one... so in our total rebellion we decided we would plant a tree (because how fun if that tree is still there in 5 years?). So we went and bought a tree to plant last night... then we realized that planting a tree at 10:00 at night is super suspicious. So we decided to wait until day and this morning we went back and planted it. So that is apparently what two, unemployed, 26-year-olds do... we plant trees without permission.

Which leads me to another story- so I get that people assume if a guy and a girl are hanging out together that they're dating. And I get mistaken for dating Damon, Shaun, my brother... but in spending more time with just Damon, it's getting ridiculous how many people make a comment suggesting we're a serious couple. Last night we were
my afternoonmy afternoonmy afternoon

This is my sunning spot- I've got my diet dew, carrot snack, and reading the bible
walking by a party of sorts where some guy had a microphone and possibly had hit the sauce too hard. Anyway, he was making random comments about people walking by (remember, he has a microphone, so everyone could hear) and when Damon and I walked by his comment was, "hey! kiss her! if you love her, kiss her! it's spring! kiss!" and when we looked over at him, the whole party was looking at us... awkward. and this other time when Damon told an acquaintance he was buying a house, the guy told ME congratulations! Cracks me up...

Anyway- not a whole lot will be going on for the next 3 weeks or so... my blog pictures might be a wee bit boring! And the site is having problems with posting videos- so as soon as that's back up, you'll be able to view the ones I've been trying to put on here!

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Steven's fiance is out of town, so we went over and made egg rolls and watched a movie with him

Steven, Damon and I went to the Sun Sphere Bar (the Skybox) for a drink before we played Laser Tag!

I love this stinkin' cat and she's loving me not having a job. I might end up having random pix of this cat because she always pops up when I'm at my computer loading the pictures ... Marti and Val will enjoy my random Bruce pix though

17th May 2010

Yes, please post all the Bruce pictures you can :-)

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