South Dakota, we are heading West big time!

Published: October 30th 2017
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Time to drive West, for the final legs of our 45 days little trip. Are we bored? No. Have we seen enough? No. Do we have long drives ahead? Oh yes, some solid few more hours driving our cool Mustang. But this is ok, I'm not bored yet of driving this cool toy!

Today it's all about driving and moving West. Google map put it simply, driving from Chicago to Sioux Falls is minimum 8h30 drive without any stop, a nice 574 miles. But this is if only we take the shorter drive...because why not drive through one or two more states if we can. So before heading West, we are heading North to cross into Wisconsin.

The idea is today to do a mix between highways, and back country roads. If we do only back country roads, we'll never get to our hotel before there is some trading to do.

First job is to leave Chicago. Good news, we are already on the North-West side of the city...and we are Sunday morning. So leaving this mega city was not much of a challenge. Next, we are heading through Wisconsin. This is farmland, little towns and back country roads. Love it....not sure I could live 50 miles from a single basic supermarket. For sure they must love their televisions during the long months of winter here. We are also entering snow-mobile and ice hockey world! Still, this is end of the summer soon, and the weather we are driving in is gorgeous!

Back on the highway sooner or later, this time we are heading full west, ready to cross into Iowa. The fields are becoming wider....the land flatter too...the drive also becoming more boring....good we still have good music on the sirius radio system. We could have continued West, but we are heading back North again, this time to cross the line of the State of Minnesota. Here, I left the drive for a while to Tanya. Driving on these straight roads through fields after fields of corn can be slightly repetitive and therefore solid boring....but we made it!

We are reaching Sioux Falls, the biggest city of South Dakota before sunset....job well done! The local Sheraton seems to be huge, and seriously old. They are cute, they are giving us the Presidential Suite. Well, another jaccuzzi that doesn't work....and most basic suites in Asia are bigger than this one. But still, it felt nice.

The main landmark of Sioux Falls...are the famous Falls. It actually seems this is the only place to visit in the city. We arrived just at sunset. There are people all around. This is clearly the meeting point for a romantic walk....anywhere in the area!

Next, try to find a decent supermarket to stock on simple necessities. Well, that was not that easy. Some people could agree with us....this place is slightly isolated. We are truly in the Mid-West...or rather the north part of it.

Next morning, we are ready for another long drive to the West. Back to more tourists....but before this, another good 6 hours drive. On our way, we stopped early morning in the little town of Mitchell. This place is a little surreal. This is corn land, big time...there is corn...and corn! They have call their local concert hall aka basketball Stadium the World only Corn Palace. Fun place to stop for few minutes and a walk around.

Next stop, one of the most impressive historic landmark in the United States....amazing place!

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