After My Vacation In Myrtle Beach I Decided To Get Married There

Published: May 29th 2015
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My Myrtle Beach Vacation Changed My Life

So my fiancée and I had been saving up for a long time for our vacation this year. We don’t have a ton of money yet so we wanted some place fun that we could drive to. We live in Maryland so after doing some research we decided we would go to Myrtle Beach.

Now being from Maryland I have been to Ocean City numerous times and I have been told that Myrtle Beach is kind of like that, but I still wanted to see it for myself and so did my fiancée so we planned a long weekend and I had the best time I think I have ever had in my life!

I like to be outside… but I also like to shop so I was awe stricken by this huge shopping complex they have there called Broadway At The Beach. It takes up an entire city block and has tons of different stores, restaurants, night clubs, a movie theater and a put-put course that has a talking, fire breathing dragon! I spent nearly a day going through the whole thing and it was incredible.

The next day we got up early and went and played a round of golf at this golf course that you have to take a gondola across a river in order to get to (I forget what the name is unfortunately) after that we went to the beach for a little while. They have a nice boardwalk at the beach there that has a massive ferris wheel that you can see for miles. That was pretty fun! At night we went walking through this place called Market Common that I am told used to be an air force base. It is really cool because it is like a community unto itself with apartments and shops, but also a park and a big pond in the middle, it was very beautiful.

The next day we drove a little ways south of Myrtle Beach to a state park they have there that has an honest to God castle in it! This was the most beautiful, amazing thing I have ever seen and we had such a great time going through all of it… it literally changed our life.

After we got back to the hotel (which there are thousands of by the way) we talked about it and came to the decision to have our wedding right there in that state park! We checked and they do weddings there all the time so we started making plans! We looked into catering, music and even Myrtle Beach weddings … we spent a good portion of the last day of our vacation planning our wedding LOL!

After that it was time to go home. I was so sad our vacation was over so fast but at the same time I can’t wait to come back down there in a few months and have the best day of my life in the most beautiful place I have ever seen!


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