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December 3rd 2009
Published: December 3rd 2009
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Fuze Custom EarphonesFuze Custom EarphonesFuze Custom Earphones

Fuze Deluxe - Beige

While reading different post on the Motorcycle Tourers Forum I saw an interesting post about custom fitted earphones that are both easy to make and work very well. I clicked onto the link for EarFuze and started reading the product information. The custom earphones looked like a solution to a problem that I have been having while taking some of my long distance motorcycle rides. After much consideration and a few phone calls I decided to give them a try and placed my order.

For the past 12 months I have been using Skull Candy ear buds to link my XM Radio and my GPS to my ears. The Skull Candy had a great sound, especially for the $29.99 price, but after 45 minutes or so they would start to become uncomfortable in my ears. After 12 or 15 hours of riding my ears would start to hurt so badly I would have to remove them for an hour or so before putting them back in my ears.

When I came home from work I saw the package with my earphones sitting on our computer desk. After changing out of my work clothes I pulled out the directions and started reading. Three or four easy steps and I would be on my way. I positioned the buds in my ear canals and had my wife quickly knead the ear mold material. Once the material was mixed she simply pressed, pinched and smoothed the material in my ear. I let it set up for twenty minutes and was ready to give them a try.

I suited up while I let my bike warm up. It was cold out and the bike had been sitting for five or six days. I was sure to put on my winter riding jacket that was donated by Jim Bain, so I could brave the 42 degree temperature.

I put the custom earphones in my ears, slipped on my helmet and headed into Columbia to take a quick loop around Columbia. What is the difference in a quick loop and just loops around Columbia … SPEED! I had to make sure that the earphones provided satisfactory wind and noise protection while at highway speeds.

The first thing I noticed was the comfort of the earphones. It was like they were not even in my ears. And the sound was great. Even the bass
Donated JacketDonated JacketDonated Jacket

Great winter riding jacket and the price could not be beat - Thanks Jim!!
was rich sounding. The custom molded earphones had a tight secure feeling. From the start I was highly satisfied with their performance.

I headed into Columbia by riding west on Highway 378. Once I got to the highway I took I-77 north towards Charlotte, NC. This was the first stretch of road that I could really see how they protected my ears from wind noise. At 60 mph they were fine, at 70 they were still good and it was not until I hit 80 mph did I start to really notice any wind noise and that was not really very much. We all know that highway speeds never get above the posted 70 mph so I should never have any problem.

To loop the city I had to get off I-77 and take I-20 towards Augusta, GA. This stretch of road is nice and straight so I got to push my cruising speed up a little and there still was no wind noise that was problem causing. I then hit I-26 towards Charleston, SC until I got back on I-77 towards Charlotte, NC.

This is a loop I have made many times. It is one of the rides I take to blow off steam after a bad day at work and I want to ride but not really go anywhere. I am sure that we all go on rides like this from time to time .

I slowed down and got back onto Highway 378, eastbound and followed it to Eastover. The donated jacket did a great job of keeping me warm along with the glove liners I got from Dicks Sporting Goods a few days ago.

Time with the custom earphones in my ears = 20 minute set up time, 10 minute warm up time and 50 minutes riding time. Total time 1 hour 20 minutes.

Total cost = Custom Earphone Kit - $39.00, inline volume controller - $5.00. Shipping was free. Total spent $44.00

I was very pleased with my new earphones and would highly recommend them to you.

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Total miles ridden = 64


3rd December 2009

Fuze Earphone Review
Alec, Great review of this product! Glad you like them and maybe I should get me some one of these days! I enjoy your blog spot! Larry in Travelers Rest
3rd December 2009

Fuze Ear Plugs
Hi Alec, Great write up. I've been considering Fuze myself. I have in-helmet speakers right now. I bought the Skull Candy ear buds for my wife for passenger speakers. She loves them. I wanted to try them but they produce so much sound it hurts my ears. I just can't turn the volume down enough. I can't figure out why its so loud. I'm wondering if the in-line volume controller would help. I ride a GL1800 and I get a lot of buffeting so I'm looking for a solution. Lloyd Everett, WA
3rd December 2009

In Line ...
My Skull Candy has the inline volume controller built into the wire. It is the only way to go. The Fuze is a step up from the Skull Candy.
27th January 2010

Impedence Matching for your System
Lloyd, the reason why you are having so much volume with your headphone pair is that they have low impedance (my first guess) and/or high sensitivity. If you find an inline volume controller this would modify the resistance and lower the volume for you.
27th January 2010

Volume Controller
I have add that.

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