May 18 Tripoli Campsite, PA to Geo. W. Outerbridge Shelter, PA 10.9 miles

Published: May 28th 2009
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I was cold last night is just about all I want to say. I had everything I own on and the wind whipped up under the fly bringing the cold with it. I got sleep off and on. I shivered off and on, I twisted, turned, rolled, flopped and flipped and was cold!

Morning came and I was still alive. Out and making breakfast the temp hovered in the low 40s. While cooking I heard the two young ladies tenting behind us laughing and getting excited. I turned to see a two year old buck in velvet nubs licking their tent fly. They were snapping pictures and the deer was paying no attention to them just four feet away. I pulled my camera out and started walking towards them as they were both petting the thing and snapping more pics. I got in the trail where I had a good shot. The buck turned and started walking right at me. The first photo he is full frame. The second he was so close I could only fit part of his head. I called CC telling her to come, check out the deer. The next shot is of CC petting this wild buck! He hung around our camp for almost 30 minutes.

When Randy walked out, the buck who had laid down about ten feet away jumped up and followed him out like his favorite dog. We weren't sure how long he followed until almost two hours later. A southbound guy came down the trail with the young buck in tow. He had met Randy at Knifes Edge where the buck was standing at the bottom of the rocks. As this guy cleared the rocks the deer dropped in behind him some five feet. That is where he was when we met them. When we got to the shelter at days end Randy said he had no idea the buck was following him for the first 20 minutes. He stopped real quick for a stream and the deer ran into him scaring him.

We had a number of good rock scrambles to cover today and had a fair day. The temp never went over 55 and now the sun is behind the mountain it is cooling off real quick. We both had lots of cloths on as we walked. We made the shelter by 2:45 and have been taking it easy by a fire.

Tomorrow we have to cross Lehigh Gap. The northbound climb out is supposed to be the toughest south of the White Mtns of New Hampshire. 1,000 feet up in about 1/2 mile. It is also 16.7 miles to our next shelter! CC is in the bag and I need to get in the tent to see how we can arrange ourselves so we both don't freeze tonight. She will try to share her bag and my bag somehow we might both stay warm.

Patrick, Deborah Mooney aka OD & CC
All Who Wander Are Not Lost


28th May 2009

You Rock!
Love and miss you! - chris

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