A Town Meeting

Published: October 20th 2006
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On a rainy Tuesday night, I braved the rush hour madness that decends daily upon the city to join the several hundred concerned citizens gathering at the "Ballroom at the Ben" for a 3 hour meeting of political discourse and thoughtful discussion. Speaking at this event was Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt and Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

As usual, I was the lone democrat in the audience. This is a fairly common occurance for me, a kind of side-effect of being in a political minority. After each of the speakers completed their monologues, they turned to the audience soliciting questions. Unfortunately, I was not able to get my hands on the microphone in order to ask my questions - Grrr. While I did respectfully disagree with a one or two points raised in the messages they were communicating to the audience, the speakers did a remarkable job in answering the questions posed to them by the audience.

This election and national discourse surround this election is not really about party lines, instead it is a battle between two ideological schools of thought. I for one am glad to have the opportunty to jump into this national discussion. A perk of living in a battleground state, perhaps?

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26th October 2006

I am sooo jealous!

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