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October 5th 2007
Published: October 8th 2007
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We had been on a beach that was deep and flat, so we were surprised to see the huge ragged rocks in the water all along the Oregon coastline.
It was raining hard when we left camp yesterday, which made the goodbyes quick and unemotional! Everyone pulled out at about the same time.

Bob and I traveled down the Pacific Coast Highway, and it was absolutely stunning. I am not going to give a lot of detail, because I don’t know the words that would describe the beauty, and I would sound like I’m babbling. Every time we’d see a view that we’d think couldn’t be more gorgeous, the next one would be. The trees are beginning to change, and in a couple weeks it will be even more beautiful. I'm kind of glad the fall colors weren't there yet, because I don't think my eyes could have held any more sights. (Side note: we saw a 2.5 acre lot in Cannon Beach advertised for $388,000.00…AND THERE WAS NO HOUSE ON IT. I’m not kidding. And what kind of house would you put on a $388,000 lot??? Makes the Long Beach Peninsula cheap land!)

If we ever have the chance to drive that highway again, we certainly will, but if we’re driving the motor home we’ll have to think twice about it. And then we’ll decide not

Another look
to! It wasn’t made for something that big, and it’s really twisty!

We're staying in Eureka until Tuesday, but our campgrounds doesn't have wifi, sooooo....

Happy Birthday to our only teenager, Sara!

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Where the waves weren't slamming against the rocks, they were doing this. But there were always lots of white waves.
And thenAnd then
And then

right behind us it looks like this! Ocean...mountain. No wonder the motor home felt too big for the road!
Night viewNight view
Night view

Thursday we were going to travel to the next town, but it got dark FAST, and we decided to shut it off in one of the pullouts. The next morning this is the view from our house!

Yep, we did!

We weren't sure what this building was until I enlarged the picture. I don't know the name or anything else about it.
Cape PertetuaCape Pertetua
Cape Pertetua

I don't have any more info about this lighthouse either, for two reasons: 1. It was blowing really cold 2. Bob's about lighthoused out! His interest is definitely fading on that subject! Doesn't this picture look like a hundred other lighthouse pictures you've seen!

10th October 2007

Some of these pics look SO Much like Patrick's Point- where Blair proposed. As we sat up on the huuuuge rock and looked down, we saw things like those huge rocks coming up out of the ocean, and the waves crashing onto the beach after they passed the rocks/boulders whatever they are. These are gorgeous pics, and I know exactly what you mean about the beauty! I love that area.
10th October 2007

Patrick's Point?
Where ever we go I try to ask a local person what we should see, and someone told us to be sure to go to Patrick's Point. I can't remember who, but it couldn't have been someone in Eureka, could it? We didn't see it because we couldn't find it. Weird!
11th October 2007

Blair says we were almost to Eureka, so it must have been someone there that told you that. You should ask for directions and go see it. Wedding Rock is the one we were on :)
12th October 2007

We should have gone there, but now we're a long way from Eureka. Another time....

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