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July 21st 2005
Published: July 21st 2005
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Trailer Trash at last
Hi everyone, am writing this from the comfort of my navigator’s chair (Soft leather, reclining & with extending foot rest) during our first long journey. The scenery in beautiful, the weather bright, blue and warm and no traffic jams. We are heading to Redmond, Oregon from Reno to visit a massive RV show where Graeme thinks he will obtain lots of information and support stuff and I think it will be like supermarket sweep, shopping to buy all the equipment for the RV. Currently we have 2 plates, 4 knives, fork & spoons, and a kettle. However we didn’t have any mugs so a very nice lady gave us two.

It’s been none stop, I feel as if we left ages ago, so here is a quick catch up of our first week.
We decided to start our vacation with a dose of reality and stopped off at Vegas!! What a weird and wonderful place, really surreal. Actually we thought that a couple of days there would give us time to get over the time difference and be fresh and alert for the pick up of the RV, however after walking for 10 hours, visiting Paris, Egypt, Italy, Aladdin’s castle and more, riding roller coasters, rides, and best of all being chased and assimilated by the Borg! all in a temperature of 105f it was not the most restful start

Exhausted we fly to Reno and drive to Grass valley to pick up the rig (see using the terminology already). Funny too eventually to met Tim who Graeme has made so many midnight calls to in the last weeks. Great guy, huge, tall, very American (well he would be, wouldn’t he) laid back sort of guy. Graeme and he work from the same book, so business goes well, if not a little slowly, but excellent service.
Interested to note that in the couple of days we were there Tim had 2 more call from the UK to enquire re a purchase.

Anyway the moment we had been waiting for….. The first sight of the rig.
Well……. It looked huge & intimidating, for the first time I thought “oh my God what have we taken on”. That soon passed when we stepped inside, it is just amazing, it has everything you could need (and more). A quick count makes 54 cupboard, and drawers! (most still empty) great lighting, fabby shower, 3 sinks, 2 TVs, surround sound, ice maker, etc etc.(Sue, please note, no herb drawer) OK the bed spread is a bit loud, (see picture, comments please) but who’s complaining.

So off we go to try out our new lifestyle, at the moment it is living by manual. There are about 15 individual ones and the main “bible” for the technical bits. The first night we drove only a short way and parked in a truck stop in Boomtown to take time to familiarise ourselves with of the systems, like how to drive it! But what an amazing view, surrounded by snow capped mountains. Last night we stayed by a lake in the forest with Mount Shasta as a backdrop. There are no shortages of places to stop either official sites or free. Here they are really geared up for campers and you can stay in any state park for free, which are often the most beautiful places

So, we are heading north, Redmond, Seattle, Washington & ? Vancouver, unless our plans change. More to follow……..

18/7/05 (our first week in the rig)
Have been unable to connect to a line to send blog so to continue....

The last week we have been to the RV show. It was amazing, thousand of rigs, some worth over a million dollars. Strangely it appears that a large proportion of the RV population appear to be unable to walk unaided!! Hope it’s not a sign of things to come. The rally puts on lots of entertainment so saw my first (of many I expect) Elvis entertainer

We were unable to get a camp site as so many people were up for the rally so stayed in the Wal-Mart (the RVers best friend) car park along with many others (imagine camping in M&S) In fact we appear to be spending most of our life in Wal-Mart as the week has been a shopping frenzy, every time we go to do something we have to pop in to get things. Its all go at the moment, we still have some essential stuff to get, Bikes, I Pod etc. I never knew shopping for 8 hours a day could be so exhausting. Yesterday I did mange to buy a campers collapsible rocking chair so I can sit and recover.

We are now in Harrisburg at the Monaco factory where we are getting some small adjustments done on the rig before we go across to the coast and head north towards Seattle & Vancouver, where we have had an invite to go sailing.
Its not too much of a problem as while you are waiting they put on classes and trips so I am just trying to decide whether to go to “quilting”, make “button cards”, or attend the interior care seminar with “Mary Moppins” or I might just pass and wait for the Margaritas by the laundry room, definitely a better way to do the laundry.
Actually there are some good sessions, its like RV school.

We are told the coastal route is meant to be one of the most scenic drives there is , but everyone we meet tells us some place to go as it is the most “awesome” place to see.I think we realise that a year is a very short time indeed.
The people are great and all keen to offer two novice English people (still using the manuals) lots of advice and information.

Frustrated by the lack of internet connections we have invested in a wireless connection which means we can use the computers from the rig, hopefully we will now find it easier to email etc. Have just spent 2 hours trying to add pictures to this blog! not sure why, it was easy last time. Anyway have lost it twice so will send now and pictures to follow

Best bizarre item of the week,
A full size deer head which sings Elvis’s “suspicious minds” The verse which goes “I’m caught in a trap” It was almost a purchase!


22nd July 2005

Shape of things to come?
Glad to see you both settling into your new home and ever changing surroundings (although most Wal Mart car parks look the same)! I am sure the "newbie" status will soon go once you have a few weeks under the belt. The RV looks great and nice choice on the colours (even the bed spread). Bit concerned about the "quilting" reference as it conjured an image of Moi sitting in her collapsable rocking chair "Quilting" while Graeme sings the blues on his guitar on the steps of the RV!!! Anyway glad to see you are both well and take care of each other.
22nd July 2005

good to read the news
Hi Moi and Graeme I have been to shasta ,very beautiful Oh my god they are all on zimmers ,do they sell those at Wal-mart.We also have awal-mart (super big Asda ) in Swindon. 8 Hrs shopping now that is great,good to hear you have developed even greater skills since being away. Things have been rather hairy here since the bombs have been going off. I will try and phone you later . Love Annabel

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