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October 16th 2009
Published: October 16th 2009
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Today was a bit of a chill day. I was only on the bike for 3 hours but it left me lots of time for doing stuff. I left my camp with the sun coming over the horizon and no fog to bee seen anywhere. Great. So it was off to a town called Tillamook to sort my self out. I realised that its been about 10 days since I managed to get near a launderette and as you can imagine it was time I did. So I did the now familiar was everything that I own (except my spare shirt and shorts) and wait for it all to dry.
Then it was time to try to locate an internet place, but with no luck I decided that lunch was a better option. Then it was to Safeway for some food before getting back on the bike for the next 40km or so to tonights campsite with a few stops on the way. I got into camp at around 4pm today which is too early, to prove it I was in my tent with dinner in my belly and all washed up before 6pm and Im waiting for it to get

can anyone guess what this is for? i have no idea!
dark so that I can go to sleep, crazy hu?
There are definitely less bikers on the road now. Im not sure if its too far north for most people or just that youd have to be nuts to ride at this time of year. Tonight Im all alone in the Hike/ bike section of the campsite again, which is kind of nice but it is nice to talk to people every once in a while!
At the end of tomorrow I cross a really long bridge into Washington. I also have 3 big hills to climb over and a tunnel to go through so it should be quite an eventful day. Hopefully I can get on line too and get in contact with the world, feels like its been a while!
On an exciting note I passed the 2,000 km mark today. It seems like a big distance but in a weird way hasn felt like it.

Ok sats:

Ride time - 2:46:26
Average speed - 22.8km/h
Max speed - 47.5km/h
Distance - 63.36km
Trip distance - 2013.30km

Aly x


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