Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

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April 29th 2013
Published: May 15th 2013
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Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge is located off of Highway 44, between OKC and Lawton, OK. According to their website and brochure, it was established by President McKinley in 1901. It is approximately 59,000 acres where the bison and the Texas longhorn roam freely. When looking at the skyline, the mountains do not look like typical mountains but it is said that they are indeed mountains but unlike the Blue Ridge mountain, Washington Mountain, The Rockies-most of the mountain at Wichita is still underground.

There are many stories of the past, many include lost treasures that were buried by the Native Americans and the Spanish colony. During the early 1900s, mining was popular. There is much more information at the well put together Visitor Center with interactive displays, movie documentary of the Refuge, and helpful people running it.

The American buffalo (bison) was an important animal. Originally by Indians for meat, and clothing-as years went on, they were popular to hunt, kill, and be traded by not only the Natives but the white man as well. So much so that the bison was nearly extinct. But in 1907 they were introduced on the refuge to protect and prosper. The Texas longhorn was also in danger and brought to the refuge in 1927. Other common wildlife that can be seen are elk, white tailed deer, wild turkeys, collard lizard, and prairie dogs, among other animals.

Within Wichita Mountains is a place called "Holy City". For me, it was pretty creepy but a couple of my co-workers recommended it so clearly it means something to someone. For some it is a recreation of the walk of Jesus and it is supposed to look like Jerusalem. I have never been to Jerusalem to know but every Easter hundreds come to re-enact and watch the reenactment of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I suppose this spot would be no different than the location that Bill Maher went to in his world religion documentary "Religulous " (very funny and informative documentary).

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Animals of the night

One of the displays in the Visitor Center

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