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September 21st 2012
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Miami RV ParkMiami RV ParkMiami RV Park

Can you believe we made it all the way to Miami !!! Yep, here we are in the Miami RV Park in Miami ....... Oklahoma. Got Ya !! We left Weatherford, Texas this morning and have made it this far (16 miles to the Missouri border). We shall arrive in Branson, Missouri tomorrow morning sometime. There, we shall meet up and see our good friends, Sam & Sandy. They arrived at the ABC RV Park today. We shall have a site fairly close to them. Not sure how long we will stay...made reservations for 2 nights and then we will decide from there. We are eager to see them.....a good time looms on the horizon as we always share a lot of laughs.

We selected this Miami campground because it said it was near a casino. Not that we have had gamblers' withdrawal but we thought it would be fun and yes, maybe another buffet to consume. BUT.....I am still nursing this rotten cold and decided if I dragged myself around the casino (and that would be exactly what I would be doing), I would not get any better physically....maybe cash-wise but I doubt that for me, anyway. So Cory has gone off to get us a little supper and maybe "check out" the casino....Maybe he will bring home more that supper...I can only hope. I am not really very hungry so knew I would be torn with frustration at the buffet. I am taking so many meds (I am on my "kill or cure" treatment ) that my rot-gut is like a witches cauldron ......bubble, bubble...toil & trouble. I need just something easy and small to protect my stomach or I'll be drooling blood when we see Sam & Sandy.

Cory returned with supper. He found the casino and took a picture of it for me. He did go inside and said we are not missing anything. It was quite small and saloon-like....not glitzy like Tunica. He said the restaurant held about 12 people so it couldn't have a big buffet......good!! I hate to miss out on anything, you know.

More meds and to bed so I can be bright and shiny tomorrow instead of a big dump. If I was going to get a cold, it should have been when we were at the casinos in Tunica. I shuttered to think of all the people who had their hands (and whatever: spit, drool, you name it) all over the same slot buttons that I touched. I did carry sanitizer with me but there was no way to save yourself when it comes to so many slot machines. I must have had a strong resistance at that time.....only stress was dealing with Red Bay....remember that place?


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