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November 13th 2008
Published: November 30th 2008
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Family visit - the best!!Family visit - the best!!Family visit - the best!!

From left, Rita, Aunt Rose, Cousin Jan, Cousin June, Jerry

Even Further Behind

Here we are, actually on day 22 and we're still trying to post for days 4-6. We're going to forego much verbiage and let the pictures give a clue of what we've done in order to try and make some progress on postings. Who knows if we'll ever succeed at catching up. Obviously, our priority is enjoying our time so guess you'll all just have to understand (or not) 😊 We'll be in Sedona, AR for Thanksgiving. Now, going back to days 4-6.

Day 4 - Tuesday, November 11th - St. Louis, MO

An absolute highlight day of our trip. We had lunch with Aunt Rose (Rita's dad's sister), and cousins Jan and June. It was a treat to catch up with the families. Aunt Rose and Jan had been in Milwaukee a couple of times over the years. It was nice we finally made it here for a visit. We hadn't done a very good job of staying in touch so there was lots to catch up on. All in all, families are all doing well, getting through the bumps of life while enjoying the goodness. Hopefully our next visit will not be so long from now and we'll stay longer and see all the cousins. Aunt Rose, Jan, and June - thanks for taking the time on such short notice. It will always be a highlight.

We tried to get a better plan for tomorrow and a better approach to the trip. We're still struggling on what to stop at, when, and how long we have to stay. We'll see if it works.

Days 5 and 6 - Wednesday/Thursday, November 12th and 13th - St. Louis, MO to Joplin and Joplin, MO through Kansas and into Tulsa, OK

The five pages of pictures will pretty much cover our story.

We spent night 5 in Joplin, MO and night 6 in Tulsa, OK. Since we had anticipated getting to Oklahoma City by night 6 and we ended up pulling into Tulsa as it turned dark, we still have work to do to balance all of the things to see, the history to absorb and the need/desire to get home within a few weeks. It's such a different kind of trip to our Northwest Adventure, we haven't yet adjusted or gotten into a rhythm. We'll work it out!!

Additional photos below
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Gray Summit, MOGray Summit, MO
Gray Summit, MO

Classic neon motel sign - likely on postcards in its prime
Gray Summit, MO GardenwayGray Summit, MO Gardenway
Gray Summit, MO Gardenway

The motel - still in operation and obviously updated
St. Clair, MO - Sunset MotelSt. Clair, MO - Sunset Motel
St. Clair, MO - Sunset Motel

Another old-time hotel neon sign
St. Clair, MO - Sunset MotelSt. Clair, MO - Sunset Motel
St. Clair, MO - Sunset Motel

The motel itself - also still in operation
St. Clair, MOi - Old Time ClockSt. Clair, MOi - Old Time Clock
St. Clair, MOi - Old Time Clock

Just an interesting building/Route 66 site with old-time clock
St. Clair, MO - Lewis CafeSt. Clair, MO - Lewis Cafe
St. Clair, MO - Lewis Cafe

Established 1930 and still run by the founding family
St. Clair, MO - Lewis CafeSt. Clair, MO - Lewis Cafe
St. Clair, MO - Lewis Cafe

From the inside - we had a great breakfast here and enjoyed their home baked chocolate chip cookies on the road later on in the day
St. Clair, MO - Lewis CafeSt. Clair, MO - Lewis Cafe
St. Clair, MO - Lewis Cafe

From the ouside. St. Clair had many of the original buildings used for various stores, restaurants or museum
Stanton, MO - Meramec BillboardStanton, MO - Meramec Billboard
Stanton, MO - Meramec Billboard

Many of these we saw were restored but still original billboards for Meramec caverns
Stanton, MO - Jesse James MuseumStanton, MO - Jesse James Museum
Stanton, MO - Jesse James Museum

We didn't stop in - most looked closed - but it looked like great fun
Stanton, MO - Sunrise MotelStanton, MO - Sunrise Motel
Stanton, MO - Sunrise Motel

We had Sunset Motel earlier, now sunset
Stanton, MO - Route 66 roadStanton, MO - Route 66 road
Stanton, MO - Route 66 road

Typical post 1945 Route 66 road
Bourbon, MO - water towerBourbon, MO - water tower
Bourbon, MO - water tower

Cute, old water tower for Bourban
Bourbon, MO - road proximity to I-44Bourbon, MO - road proximity to I-44
Bourbon, MO - road proximity to I-44

Old Route 66 often aligns with Interstates. The Interstate often dissects the old "mother road"
Bourbon, MO - Skippy'sBourbon, MO - Skippy's
Bourbon, MO - Skippy's

Bar and restaurant - original but refurbished (obviously)
Cuba, MO - Hickory Bar B-QCuba, MO - Hickory Bar B-Q
Cuba, MO - Hickory Bar B-Q

We couldn't possibly eat at all the places along Route 66 that are still open. This one looked very inviting but clock for the day was ticking
Cuba, MO - Hickory signCuba, MO - Hickory sign
Cuba, MO - Hickory sign

Original (refurbished) Hickory B-Q signage. Note stereotypical Hillbilly holding his pig
Cuba, MO - Wagon WheelCuba, MO - Wagon Wheel
Cuba, MO - Wagon Wheel

Great old-time neon sign. Motel was still serving customers. Note wagon wheel hanging from sign
Cuba, MO - Al MuralCuba, MO - Al Mural
Cuba, MO - Al Mural

Previously, Al's West Motor/Tractor Sales. No longer in operation. Most is mural on building wall - including Al with child, the two gas pumps, and the cars. Really well done!!

30th November 2008

Love From The Neighbors
Jerry and Rita, Stay away as long as you can. Today it is cold, snowing, windy, blustery, dark, grey and yucky outside. Enjoy your warm weather to the max. All is well on the home front. No mail or papers in your box - except for a big fat yellow phone book that I took up to the porch, and the weekly "Post" that comes free. I have been just tossing them - hope that's ok - as they will be way out of date by the time you get home. We had a great thanksgiving - most of the family here - and a fun day of being together. Miss you - hope you're having a wonderful time. Love, Jan (& Carl)
2nd December 2008

Love From The Neighbors
It is so wonderful to have neighbors like you!! We thank you so much. We haven't posted much but know that we're doing great. We're so far behind now, it's almost overwhelming. We've finally hit some really nice weather so won't complain. We saw the Milwaukee weather this morning and pray everyone stays safe. Glad Thanksgiving was great for you and yours. Getting rid of the weekly post is just fine for us. We're not tracking to be home for another 8-10 days - hopefully the bad weather there will clear by then! Thanks for the update. Love back.. Rita and Jerry
3rd December 2008

Just me
Really cool report. Nice picture of Rose and the girls. Just a word of advice: If you come upon a place called Bates Motel operated by a peculiar man, keep driving. Loves ya, Charlie
11th December 2008

Hi Guys! How are you? Had some time to catch up on your latest pictures. Keep having fun and hope you are in a warmer place than is awful, already had a really good snow storm and it is collllddd! From the pic's - it looks like you are really enjoying yourselves. Happy Holiday's if I don't talk to you before then. Tracey
7th January 2009

Route 66 - Tracey
Hey Tracey - glad you got a chance to take a look. We are having the time of our lives. Sorry we didn't respond sooner - really didn't look at the site at all through the holidays. It was good to see you and hope all remains well at work. I'm sure you're doing an awesome job with everything and so thankful to you in helping make this leave happen. Talk soon I hope. Rita
9th March 2010

I had a fina gas sta. on hy 66 just out side of st.louis
I now live in fl.and been here 42 years
19th July 2010
St. Clair, MO - Lewis Cafe

this was the town i grew up in
to whom ever it may concern: i went to school with david, and sincerely miss my roots. How is Marie's 5 boy's? If I remember right ... it's Kirk, Chris, Doug ,David ? Am I right? I can not for the life of me remember your Fathers name, only the fact he set-up hell of a rullet table at the St. Clare Catholic church picinic! Please respond I MISS home
28th July 2011
Cuba, MO - Hickory Bar B-Q

you missed it
well ive ate at this palce and if you didnt go in you missed a good meal

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