Springfield to Oklahoma City

Published: June 23rd 2015
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Got into the rhythm of navigating through the old roads today with the help of combining google maps with a map of the old route on a separate app today. We could have probably avoided the interstate all day but we left the hotel to late again and had our first experience in Wallmart! Its like all the shops in the uk combined into one at discount prices. You could be lost in there for months and no one would find you!

Tomorrow we are going to try and set off early to spend the whole day taking our time on the old route and see some different things. Its much less stressful than the interstate because THERE ARE NO RULES OF DRIVING IN AMERICA! Honestly, people just cut you up, don't indicate and weave between lanes. Plus every state has different types of roads and junctions.

We saw some really cool vintage gas stations today starting with an original phillips 66 station in Spencer, with a sign on that had been shot a few times! This seemed to be quieter than the sites yesterday with it being a week day and less tourists about.

Just a bit down the road in Kendrick town was a novel sculpture titled "the crapbuster" which looked like something out of Chitty Citty Bang Bang (see pictures).

Leaving Missouri we entered the state of Kansas for a total of 13 miles! It literally cuts across the edge of the state but did have an old rainbow arched bridge, the last on the whole route that exists. This brought us quickly into the state of Oklahoma where we stopped at another old gas station in Commerce and down to "bassetts groceries" in Afton.

Time was getting on and we were still about 3 hours from our hotel so had to get back on the I44 to make up some time. A few miles down we came off into the town of Catoosa to visit one of the most iconic sites in this part: The Blue whale. Lots of cool photo opportunities and a little ice slushy type cavavan where we signed the owners book and got really cold blue tongues from the slushies. This along with jumping back in the air conditioned car, really sorted out the roasting humidity as it was reaching mid 30c today.

One more drive past pic at the Rock Creek Bridge and we were well ready to crack on down the I44 for another 40 mins to Oklahoma City and our hotel!

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24th June 2015

24 hours to Tulsa!!
You musta passed through Tulsa - it says so on my map! Do you know the song of my comment title? An old No 1 hit from a crap mid-60s singer called Gene Pitney. It's one of those Roy Orbison type ballads that's great to howl along to, especially in a car. I shoulda put it on one of your CDs. You'll be starting to go uphill once you're past Oklahoma I reckon.

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