Aaron and Johanna's Excellent Adventure Begins!!

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August 2nd 2006
Published: August 2nd 2006
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Day 1

We probably won't make it to St. Louis today but will likely get close!

Last night we set our clocks for 5am and asked each other if we thought we would actually sleep long enough to be awakened by the alarm. At 4:59 am we rolled over and laughed about the fact that we were both already awake! Yup, we have both been looking forward to departing on this trip for past year and are happy to finally be on the road. We started at 6am with a nice cup of Dunkin' Doughnuts coffee.

We headed Northeast and arrived at Aaron's sister's place around 11:30. We spent the next 2.5 hours playing with our nieces and visiting with Lara and Eric. Aaron's mom had sent a bag of goodies for the girls who were most appreciative of their new stuffed animals. Thanks to a the deli spread Lara put out, we departed with full bellies for the next leg of our trip. Onward to St. Louis!


3rd August 2006

Hooray for you!
You went out of your way by going to Poland, Ohio, but you made some people VERY happy!
3rd August 2006

Happy Trails
Hello to my favorite couple! I hope all is giong well and you are taking lots of great pictures. Don't get too emotional :-) And can't wait to see you both at graduation.
3rd August 2006

Wildlife Photography
Hey you two! Thanks so much for making the effort to swing though the "Poland Natural Habitat" so get an upclose look at the "wild life" there!! The girls were so excited to see you two - as were Eric and I. Hope it didn't set you too far back! Thanks for including us in your Excellent Adventure! Love you! p.s. Caroline has not put the elephant down - I had to Detach her from it for a bath!!
8th August 2006

Second hand adventure
I have made two other efforts to get a comment to you -- they have not shown up, so I presume I failed to click on something that needed to be jogged. Oh, well, if this one gets logged you will learn that I am reading your journal courtesy of forwards from Linda. I'll repeat my thought: soak up all the scenery you can because for many years to come, courtesy of old and new movies, you are going to be able to say "I've been there! I saw that!!" Love, Gramma
14th August 2006

sounds like fun
hey guys! well done on actually pulling this trip off, i know you've both wanted to do this for a long time. take lots of pics, will keep checking up on your progress. have fun and as they say here, 'safari njema'!!!

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