Ric Flair country...woooooooooooooo!

Published: April 23rd 2008
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Hayley drove us from Raleigh 2 Greensboro and we got in late afternoon. Dropped all our stuff off at Hayley's student digs and then headed 2 get some food at an Irish bar (there must be more Irish bars in the USA than there is bars in Ireland!!) The food was real good and the pint of Boddingtons went down well.
Went 2 back 2 Hayley's 4 2 catch some zzz.
In the mornin got up and sorted out r train tickets 2 New Orleans which took 4 ages. Amtrak the major rail company in America have at times been the most helpful people in the world and at other times a real pain in the arse!! Hell some Amtrak staff seem to switch seamlessly between been a real pain in the arse 2 been real helpful... often in the same sentance!!
Neways we finally got our tickets and Hayley took us on a tour of greensboro and it seemed a real cool student place. The coffee house she took us 2 was real good.
Due 2 the drinkin age being 3 years higher in this country, coffee houses tend 2 fill in a certain gap 4 the young crowd and so alot of coffee houses (starbucks not included) seem 2 have a real cool vibe going on inside. With decent music on, original art work on the wall and u can catch live music there aswell.
After havin a coffee Hayley went off 2 class and me and Ben took a walk round the student area and it all seemed real cool, however we did seem 2 gravitate 2... subways, man its like a magnet. We then went and got a coffee and met up with Hayley's.
Later on Hayley took us 2 a chain restaraunt called cracker barrels, which sold some good southern food and i had the sweet iced tea.
We then went back 2 Hayleys, packed and watched some American Office (which is funny, but nowhere near as funny as the original British Office)
Well we had a train 2 catch, which left Greensboro at 12:30 am and got in2 New Orleans 7:30 pm!! Hayley drove us 2 the station and we said r goodbyes and we mentally prepared 4 17 hours on a freakin train!!

A big thank u 2 Hayley Teater and family!! Her mom was soooooooooo good 2 me and ben, the thought of staying in hostels seemed so difficult after Hayley and co made us feel so much at home. Seriously a real big thank u.


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