12,000 miles and counting....

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I have decided to post one more time before I get back to the road in 10 days time. This is just another chapter in my adventure across America. I am back in Virginia with the family. The funeral over and North Carolina behind me, the thought of miles adding up had me wondering...how many miles have I traveled in the past year. From Utah to Houston to Costa Rica, Panama City to Granada Nicaragua. Costa Rica back to Utah all traveled along side Tim. A plane flight to Virginia, up to DC for the Inauguration where I stayed with Rory and visited Justin and Mike. From there I took off to Troy New York via bus to visit Steph and Laura, not to forget Jenn and Josh. A bus ride back down through Albany, NYC, DC, to Virgina then a bike ride through Virginia down to Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock...Fayetteville AR. Arriving in Medicine Lodge KS, 86 miles south west of Wichita then back through where I previously traveled in KS to Wichita catching a flight to Charlotte NC where I awaited a car ride to Rockingham NC, then back to Virginia. Ten days time I will be in a car revisiting the path I took via bicycle. When I am reacquainted with my bike in KS my parents will give me the boot. I will continue on to SLC through Colorado fishing fresh trout out of the Rocky Mountain streams. Then it's only a hop, skip and a jump over to San Francisco through Yosemite National Park then to the Oregon coast up to Washington with a train ride back down to SLC in late Aug. I will have been traveling non stop for the past 6 months. With that said, by the time I finish the last previous year of my life I will have traveled roughly 12,000 miles, no joke. I want to throw a shout-out to my grandfather, Papa...RIP...I love you. And to those on my fathers side while death is in the air, RIP Joel and Scott (grandfather and brother), Chelsea (childhood friend), and JD's little brother Brady. My Papa said in his memory journal: When you have done all you can do; let God take over where you've left off.

I leave you with photos of my last few days and with those who I owe my life to...



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In rockingham they stop traffic so the cars will not have to stop while we are on our way to the funeral. They will either take their hats off or put their hands over their heart as we pass
Chris giving his speech Chris giving his speech
Chris giving his speech

speech was amazing

19th May 2009

I am so sorry
Patrick, I am so sorry to read of your loss of Papa. Please know that you are in our prayers both now and over your journey. Take care. Fisher is doing great! :)
18th August 2009

Thanks Patrick
It has been a great journey following your trip - and a wonderful inspiration to my scouts and myself. It was by chance we met, and a life lesson by design. Thanks again for sharing "Billie's Chili" and some good fellowship with us in VA. Take care of yourself - your a good man! Linda Myers, Tommy Warwick and the boys of Troop 401.

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