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August 6th 2011
Published: August 7th 2011
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Saturday August 6th, 2011

Eastern Seaboard, USA

Latitude 40 degrees 54 minutes’ north- Longitude 68 degrees 13 minutes west

Last January when we left the United States, it seemed like the great adventure that stretched before us was somehow all make-believe. Now, we have traveled 44,506 miles circling the globe and weaving our way through all climates, cultures and conditions. What we have found is a world filled with all levels of poverty, prosperity and promise. The surprising thing has been how different people view the world and their situation. The residents in a small village on the Indonesian Island of Lombok have absolutely nothing by our standards. They live in mud floored huts where they have no money, but simply barter for everything with rice they grow by hand. They were friendly, happy and generous. In stark contrast to that tranquility was the extreme poverty and complete desperation of West Africa. The crush of millions of people struggling to survive in a hostile environment where they lack even a basic education or the ability to improve their situation was sad to see.
We are told that the world is a small place and that the internet has made it even more compact. So, when you fly by jet plane from one continent to another that only seems to confirm this sense of closeness. Humanity is bunched together in known centers of commerce and trade. This is naturally where all major airports are also located. These locations have been shaped over the centuries by the ease of transport for raw materials and resources. These places are crowded, congested and still growing. Many people that travel only visit these major cities. What Jane and I have experienced in our slow and wandering circumnavigation is something quite different. The world is large and it is a long way around. There are vast areas that are barely touched by man. We saw gorgeous islands and lush coastlines which are completely uninhabited. I hope the internet will actually make commerce more accessible to everyone and advances in technology will make it possible to expand the world’s markets and utilize more of these unused areas. Before electricity and petroleum dominated the economy people lived a very different lifestyle where rural areas were much more populated than they are now.
Watching the news you would think that the whole world is in turmoil and humanity seems destined for chaos. When you actually see the whole world you realize that this is not the case. Ninety percent or more of all people are actually quite happy and content. Everywhere we went we saw people working hard and trying to improve their situation. The world is not filled with suicidal terrorists and religious fanatics.
We have learned many things from many different people and cultures. We arrive back in the States refreshed, rejuvenated and with a more hopeful outlook for ourselves and the world at large. Our travel experiences will shift to a more land-based approach for the next several months as we plan to stay in North America for a while visiting friends and family. Alas, we must press on as the tally is a bit short- we have only lost 42 pounds so far.


7th August 2011

Come stay in Madison!
It would be great if you could come up and stay with my family in Madison! The city is great, and you really haven't met Shelby and Derek. We've got plenty of room. Give me a call.
10th August 2011

around the world
Hey Jane & hubby, I read your most recent blog. Saw the pix. I have not checked this blog for I have dial up ISP and until I updated Yahoo, I couldn't get to the blog. I want to tell Jane I have one Dorking chix and 17 Dominique chix, hatched here under broody hens. One more hen due to hatch 11 eggs from my mixed flock the day after the full moon. They should come out with martinis in one hand, cigarette in the other and party till dawn! Have you tried "Eat for Your Type" to loose weight? This diet has to do with blood type and different diets for individual blood types. Works for me and several others I know. But keeping weight off is a lifestyle, not a fad. I hope you have a good time visiting friends and family and know if you want to stop in to visit my flocks, you are welcome. Space is tight here in my small home, but we can figure something out, even if I get my mom's RV hooked up for a couple of days. Wishing you the best! Cynda
10th August 2011

All caught up!
I've been reading your blog ever since I discovered in on Saturday. Truly a joy to read of your travels... and now you are home and have more to do... will you post pics and blogs of the states? or is this it? Would love to hear all that you both do! And to hear of the future weight loss of the both of you!
28th April 2012

Texas April 2012
Loved hearing of your new adventure. Please keep me posted. I luv hearing where you are and what you're up to.

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