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August 2nd 2016
Published: August 3rd 2016
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Just keep in mind, we ARE getting out of the antique business ..YES, WE ARE! No kidding. Then, why in the world would we be going to an auction plus an Estate Sale? Just for the social aspect of it, I guess plus I thought maybe you would like to go. We haven't been to an auction in a long time and this one was THEE one to go to. So grab your lawn chair and sunglasses....we are leaving now!

This auction was a 2-day auction. That gives you your first clue that it is a biggy. It began on this past Friday at 4:00 PM. It continued on to Saturday starting at 9:30 AM. We went both times. The couple who lived on this beautiful farmette were friends of ours through "the business". The kind gentleman of this homestead collected sleds. I mean HE COLLECTED SLEDS! You will see just a portion of them in my photos. I didn't get photos of the masses of antique wooden runner sleds that he refurbished back to its original state and decorated them with his artistic painted artwork. He sold them all over the country. They were beautiful and amazing. I should
Sleds Sleds Sleds

And more sleds
have bought one just to show you but 'member, we are selling not they sold for $$$$. This couple has now passed away so the contents of this farm were being sold in auction by their children. We know their son. Another avid collector. He went to many auctions that we did over the years. He liked the same stuff we did....good taste.

As you can see, there was a million items for sale and they were all mostly true treasures. Except for one thing, and that is what Cory bought. Yes, he bought ONE thing. It was a pair of old, broken, handmade snowshoes. Looks like a bunch of kindling to me. He envisions making big bucks on them.....dream on, dreamer boy! So be it. It was a miracle we left with nothing else. We drooled and cooed over so many great items. Always commenting "If we were still doing shows, we would get this". And we would. This auction would have required our big trailer to get what we would have bought home. What do you think you would have purchased?

Of course, many of the really truly treasured items showed up on Saturday. Some
Sleds galore Sleds galore Sleds galore

People & sleds
of it was a walk-a-round but most of it was sold under the tent. I like that way the best. It's tiring with a big walk through and as you can see, everyone probably walked about 5 miles getting through it all on Friday. Aching! The weather cooperated except for a brief shower on Friday just before the auction began. We didn't stay for the end of the auction on Friday...a first for us. We decided to split and go for a fish fry in a nearby town. Tasty! When we passed the auction on the way home, it was still going on. Not surprised with all the items to be sold....they all mostly came out of the big barn.

Take note of the roofs of the house & barn. They are made from terra-cotta clay. They were made in the college town adjacent to this homestead. They can be seen on a few other homes and buildings in the area. The son told us that the barn was built in the 1870's and the center section of the house was built in 1831. Additions were built onto the house at various times. There was a little building beyond
1831 House1831 House1831 House

Still more sleds
the house. This is where the owner did his work on his sleds. He must have been as busy as Geppetto - once you realized how many sleds were for sale.

We didn't make it to the opening of the auction on Saturday. Friends were putting on an Estate Sale in town. They have a very good reputation. Again, I have no idea why we went except to see friends and look at things we could only drool over. We did buy a couple small items. Crazy people! A Rubbermaid stool for Cory to use in his work area and 3 old spice tins made in Wellsville. We'll sell them in our co-op. So, that was okay.

Of course, by the time we made it to the auction, all spots under the tent were taken. It started to rain. We were prepared (former Boy & Girl Scouts). Put our lawn chairs at the back of the tent (outside). Put our trusty, big umbrella up.....and we were good to go. It's hard to see the items up for bid so far back but we weren't buying so it didn't matter. Wish we were buying though. Some marvelous items passed
So much to seeSo much to seeSo much to see

So much to buy...but not us
our eyes. Our breathing was rapid...."if only".....suck it up, Guenters- that's how it is now! After, we couldn't take the temptation anymore, we left. It was a fabulous auction and I'm sure the owners were dancing all the way to the bank. Hope you liked it as much as we did. What did you buy?

I've also added a couple Shongo trail photos that I took while traveling with my friend, Mary Kay, on our golf cart. We saved space for you on the back seat. Hold on! One recent day we rode to the very top of one of our surrounding hills in Shongo. What a view! Actually, the tiny white dot you might be able to see is a friend's farm...far off in the distance. No kidding. I took some photos of old barns for my Facebook "Old Farms & Barns" Group. They loved them.

On another day, Mary Kay & I (+ all of you) sailed along in the cart until, we came to the old WAG trail. This was the old railroad track used by the Wellsville, Addison, Galeton (WAG) train. Long ago, it was covered with old wooden tracks. Most all are gone now and tossed down in the ravines. The trail follows along the Genesee River. Since we have lived here in Shongo (1972), Cory, me and Chip and another dog we had (Dino) have walked & cross country skied this trail. I have done both: going into Wellsville (12 miles ) and also into Genesee, PA. (? 6 miles). My dogs, Dino & Chip, were my traveling companions. I loved it. I miss it. Cory experienced this same thrill also. It was long ago....too long. I always pictured the train clicking and clacking on the tracks with all the happy people enjoying their train ride through the beautiful scenery. What a thrill it must have been. I wish I had been on that very long ago. Maybe we could have ridden it together. Choo-Choo.

Recently, our community received monies to restore this trail. It has been a dream of many for years. They have cleaned and fixed old trusses and bridges that have severely deteriorated over the years. One big old metal bridge in Shongo was a terrible mess. Someone had tossed a few boards on it but that did no good. You still had to do an acrobatic split to get from one truss to another. Sometimes that wasn't good enough cause several trusses together were missing. I only crossed it twice a year because it was so frightening. I would scream at the top of my lungs as I carefully inched my way along this dilapidated, cringe-worthy heap of wood and metal. No one heard me: I was in the middle of the woods. Chip didn't even consider crossing over this bridge. He swam right across the Genesee River under the bridge. He loved it. I loved him! He was so smart!

They have done the trail repair work from Wellsville to Shongo. I believe they have also worked on the trail as it travels north in Allegany County but I haven't seen it myself. I heard it was sensational. They have fenced off various ends of this trail so motorized vehicles can't ride on it. Back when: I used to depend on the snowmobilers to make a path for Chip and me to trudge through during the winter. We went no matter what the weather: rain, snow and heat. Each season provided a different picture to absorb & enjoy.

However, on this day, I
Deer inside barnDeer inside barnDeer inside barn

Doors inside barn
came upon an entrance to the trail that the gate allowed me to pass the cart easily through. I told Mary Kay we were okay because the golf cart ran on batteries, not a motor. Of course, later on, Cory educated me about motors and that the golf cart does have one. Rats! Anyway, ignorance is bliss as we buzzed along the familiar longer filed with debris and weeds and fallen trees and broken bridges. It was wonderful. Memories flooded back to me as I could see Chip and me hiking our hearts out on this picturesque pathway. Mary Kay and I (and you) traveled a long way before I figured we better head back. We had sat so long, we were stiff getting off the cart. A new and delightful memory was made on this day. Thank You to those responsible for fixing the WAG trail! It is greatly appreciated.

Ok, folks. That's enough "doings" for this time around. We're heading out on a new adventure this Thursday. Only for an overnight stay but you just know I will take some photos and make a million word blog out of it. Just pack your sleepwear clothes and
Our friend, the sonOur friend, the sonOur friend, the son

Exhausted at the walk-a-around
you'll be fine to go. Don't have to take your Sunday best's casual. See you then.

Additional photos below
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Note the barn roof Note the barn roof
Note the barn roof

Many items, many people
Have a seatHave a seat
Have a seat

Have a sign
I wanted this sign I wanted this sign
I wanted this sign

Chickens were well fed
Old sled and more Old sled and more
Old sled and more

Sled is worn inside
Old, huge maple sap bucket Old, huge maple sap bucket
Old, huge maple sap bucket

Use as a hot tub now?
The auctioneer at walk through The auctioneer at walk through
The auctioneer at walk through

The auctioneer under the tent
High on the hill in ShongoHigh on the hill in Shongo
High on the hill in Shongo

See the white dot?
WAG trail WAG trail
WAG trail

With Mary Kay
First photo... IN THE OLD DAYSFirst photo... IN THE OLD DAYS
First photo... IN THE OLD DAYS

2nd photo: fixed up now
The old bridgeThe old bridge
The old bridge

Dare you to walk on it!
Gates & CoryGates & Cory
Gates & Cory

The new bridge over the old. Genesee River

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